Life in the “hood”

It’s been a little over a year since our last “hoodies” post, so we thought it was probably time to give our buddy “Jingle” his “hoodie fix.”
We always know it’s Winter when the kid all have their hoodies on. Dub is still wearing the green one with the John Deere logo that Chad gave him – and Chance is still wearing his “Pizza House” hoodie.
Interestingly, Alyssa had never had a hoodie until she became part of “the gang.” Bella gave her one of hers – a sort of light yellow color she looks really good in. I’m betting she’ll be getting lots of hoodies for Christmas 🙂

Dude. It’s time to break out the “hoodies”!

Our last “hoodies” post was on October 4, 2017, so we thought maybe it was time for another. Besides, it’s that time of year!

When the guys in Springfield gave Chance a Pizza House hoodie last week, I swear it was like the biggest deal ever. Dub has been wearing hoodies ever since Chad gave him a green one with a “John Deere” tractor on the front about a year ago. Now, of course he has “Chiefs,” “Royals,” and “K.U.,” hoodies – but the John Deere one is his absolute favorite. David and I have trouble getting it off him long enough to wash it. It has two big front pockets and he’s forever shoving stuff in them. We don’t even want to know what 🙂

Dude. Time to visit da hood!

We had a comment from Beto earlier today, saying (in part):
“Jingle, I got a hoodie dude for me too: #46!! Oh, my, you guys will keep me dreaming the whole day!!”
Then, Jingle said,
“It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a hoodie post!!… Would you consider doing one?? 🙂”
It HAS been a long time. So here you go, guys. Some dudes in – or partially in – hoodies – doing stuff guys wearing hoodies usually do 🙂