It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the photo genius of “Illumination”

We’ve just recently become acquainted with the work of “Illumination,” a photographer from Berlin, Germany. Here’s a statement from him that we found on “Model Mayhem”:
“After many years of experience with photography I only recently have begun to focus on male portraits and artistic nude shots. I have done a couple of shots with friends and a few with strangers (models) and feel comfortable connecting with another human being in a model – photographer setting. I value respect, trust and professionality. I encourage creativity and a sense of fun. Conventional pin-up / glamour shots is not what I am after,
I am striving to capture a man’s personality. Character creates Style. By photographing your skin I hope to capture of glimpse of your soul.
If you want to share this experience I am happy to hear from you. Nudity is encouraged but no condition.
I am living in Berlin, but I travel often, so don’t hestitate to contact me even if you are somewhere else.
And I don’t need any retouching service right now. Thank you, Retouchers, for not sending friend requests.”
We think his photography is breath-taking in it’s presentation and honesty. Here’s his Tumblr if you’d like to see more of his work:

We have something really cool to tell you guys about. But it’s a long story… and it’s really late and I’m totally wasted right now. So check back tomorrow and I’ll fill you in on the latest addition to the “Northland gang.”
xoxo Rick (and Keon)