By request, some Indian boys for our new friend “Sahil.”

Here’s a (slightly edited) e-mail we received yesterday from “Sahil”:
“I am Indian boy born in Bangalore but moved to States two years ago. I am at University now studying to become a radiation therapist. I read UnrulyDude every day and most like hearing about your Dub and his garden and all he’s doing. I don’t think you ever post pictures of India or brown skin boys very much and wish you would more. I wish you will do that and if they are young guys that would be good. You are my favorite blog to visit and I love you very much.”
Well, Sahil, we’ve checked and found that we’ve never done a post of “Indian boys” and we apologize for that. We hope you will like these pics, and THANK YOU for being a part of our UnrulyDude family. Although this is our first-ever “India boys” post, we promise it won’t be our last. We love you very much, too!

From Ben: Alex and Callum got back Friday evening. David, Dub and I picked them up at the airport and they were totally wasted from the long trip. Dub was so excited he was about to pee down his leg – and the guys were about that excited to see him (us)! Alex scooped Dub up and carried him with us to the baggage claim and Dub wouldn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. We finally got their bags – The guys brought him a green, koala ball cap and a green koala habitat tee shirt from Australia – and we took them to Alex’s apartment so they could crash. Dub was disappointed that they didn’t come to the house to see the new “caps wall,” but they promised to come over soon. I doubt we’ll ever get either the cap or shirt off him:) We didn’t bother them – or hear from them on Saturday – and knew what they needed was a lot of rest. Alex called yesterday morning… sounding rested and happy and asked if we could get together. So, they came over in the afternoon. Rick and Keon were here – as were Austin and Erik for a time. David grilled burgers and we all talked and enjoyed being together again. After Austin and Erik left and Dub finally got to bed, Rick made a batch of margaritas – Keon broke out his pipe – and we headed to the hot tub. It was a wonderful, quiet evening. Everyone went home fairly early, but before they left, Callum asked David if they could get together for breakfast this morning. He said “Sure.” And I’ll let him tell you about that.
From David: Callum and I met this morning over at The Big Biscuit for a late breakfast. We had a quiet table in back and he obviously wanted to pour his heart out… so I just sat and listened. It’s a VERY LONG story, but I’ll keep it short as possible. About a month ago, Cal was contacted by the Australia department of family services in regard to his being the father of a child who had been placed in their care. Cal told them he had no idea what they were talking about. They said he had been named as the father on the birth certificate of a young girl currently in foster care down there. He contacted his parents – who contacted an attorney – and he found out that he might possibly have a young daughter in Australia. So he told Alex and they headed out. They didn’t want to tell anyone until it was straightened out.
It goes like this: While Cal was still living in Australia, he had been at a party one evening where everyone was drinking and smoking pot. He met a woman “at least 10 years older than me” and they ended up going to her apartment. She made him a drink… and he “sort of zonked out” and doesn’t remember much of what happened… except he’s pretty sure they had sex… which he says was his only sexual experience with a woman – ever. He left the next morning and never saw her again. Said he didn’t even know her… except she told him her name was “Kate.” Anyway, apparently this “Kate person” later had a daughter – named Cal as the father on the birth certificate and went on with her life, never contacting him or letting him know she had a child. Then, about three months ago, she (Kate) was killed in a car wreck – and her family who had “disowned” her sometime before – disclaimed any responsibility for the child. The little girl was placed with “Family services” and then in a “foster home.”
When Cal and Alex got to Australia, they met with the attorney – then he provided hair, saliva and blood for testing – and the DNA results proved he was the little girl’s father. So, he and Alex met the foster parents and then met his daughter “Isabella.” He said it was total, absolute love at first sight for him and Alex… and “Bella” laughed a lot and seemed to really like them. He described her as “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” He says she has long, black hair and “deep violet eyes that can see all the way into your soul when she looks at you.”
SO ——- Cal (through his attorney) has filed for custody – and since there’s nothing they can do while they’re waiting for their court date – they’ve come back to make plans for bringing Bella home. The guys have applied for a marriage license and we’re planning a (small) wedding ceremony here at the house on Sunday. This afternoon, they made an offer to buy a villa that’s about three blocks from our house – and hope to move in before going back to Australia to bring Bella home. I don’t know if I have all the details right… but that’s what’s going on here.
This evening, after Dub went to bed, Ben and I made a batch of margaritas and went to the hot tub to talk and try to make sense of all this. Things are moving so fast it’s making us kind of dizzy. We’re as surprised as you guys must surely be.