Ink, baby. Just fuckin’ INK!

The first pic in this post is another look at our wonderful friend Jingle’s delicious dick. Thanks for sharing this, babe. It’ll probably show up here again and again. It’s LOVELY!

I haven’t told you guys about last weekend. On Friday, I took Dub to Lowry City – where we met Angie – and, after talking with her for a few minutes… I hugged him and told him I’d see him on Sunday. I started to walk off and he said, “Unca Ben. I love you.” I swallowed really hard and said, “I love you, Dub,” and kept on walking to my car. It was only a few feet, but it seemed like a mile… and all I could think about was Dub saying, “Unca Ben. I love you.”
So, I drove home and was real depressed… and when I got here, I walked in to the house… and there was my husband. Fixing dinner. Naked. His dick mostly hard – and beautiful. And I just looked at him… and started taking my clothes off – right there in the kitchen… and we ended up fucking on the kitchen floor – then we went to the hot tub and let the jets wash everything away… and we fucked some more in the great out of doors. That’s how we spend the weekend. Naked. And cuddling… and hugging and kissing and sucking and fucking. We didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t have company. It was just Ben and David. Drinking some wine and smoking some pot… and being naked and hard together. David and Ben. At home. Naked. In love. Like we were kids… and we were both so horny… and everything was better than I could’of imagined. I swear, I just totally love my husband – and our lives together – and I know I’m the luckiest dude who ever lived!