…a pocketful of miracles…

“I’ve got a pocketful of miracles…
But if I had to pick a miracle…
My favourite miracle of all is you
And me.” …Jimmy Van Heusen

Hey guys, it’s Rick. First, I guess I may owe “Jingle” an apology for these pics because I know he doesn’t like photos without faces. Sorry, dude. We promise to do better next time 🙂
Keon and I spent all last week at our cabin at the lake. We worked really hard and made lots of progress. When we got there, we met the antique dealer who’s buying the furniture and helped him load it to take to KC. Then, we hauled off the old appliances. It’s amazing how much bigger the cabin looks when its empty!
The next thing we did was strip and sand the kitchen cabinets. They’re solid birch and ready for Alex and his magic spray gun. They’re gonna be really pretty!
After that, we started on the rock garden. It was mainly just a weed patch when be bought the cabin but we knew it’d be a very special, beautiful place when we finished with it. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it’s about 25′ x 50′ and we moved every statue, bench and rock. Jim (and a friend of his) came over and helped and we did it in three sections… moved everything out… dug out all the weeds… put down two layers of ground cover sheeting… then put everything back. The only things we didn’t move were the two beautiful Emperor Japanese maple trees. The first day, we were moving rocks and Keon yelled “FUCK ME!!” and went running toward the cabin. He’d run across a big snake. Jim was laughing and said he thought Keon had “great moves.” Jim saw it and said it was a king snake – and one of the biggest he’d seen… probably 4 foot or longer. He said we wouldn’t need to worry about copperheads or timber rattlers because with the king snake there, they wouldn’t be around. He said king snakes will eat smaller snakes, even if they’re poisonous to people. There were two big pots laying on their sides and it took all four of us to move them. Turned out they’re “bubbling urns” and had fallen over because their in-ground water storage basins had collapsed. Jim found us some new ones in Branson and we dug out the old ones and put in new polyethylene ones. Whew! What a job. We also had to get new pumps, but finally… by Friday evening, we had it all done. It’s beautiful and I’m sure we’ll spend many hours out there!
By the time we got home late Friday, we were “bushed.” Keon said he was “sore in places he didn’t even know he had places.” I think we’re beginning understand what “bw” said about how a home and a second home are “more than twice the work.” xoxo Rick and Keon