Check it out, dude. FCCOJ!

Hi. It’s Silas. Ben thought you’d be interested in hearing about a new “friend” Dante and I have met. We’ve been spending some time up at the site for our “rainbow aerie” and there’s a dog running loose up there. We haven’t been able to get very close to her because she’s afraid – but Dub told us to just sit on a stump or something and talk softly with her and toss her a treat from time-to-time. So we’ve been doing that for about three weeks and yesterday afternoon she walked up to within about six feet from us to get a treat. We don’t know anything about her but she seems young and looks like she might be at least part golden retriever? She’s shaggy and dirty and her hair is matted… and we think she’s beautiful. We’re going to keep going up there at the same time every afternoon and hope someday soon she’ll trust us enough to let us pet her. Dub said to give her a name and use it when we talk to her, so we’re calling her “Daisy.” We’re hoping maybe the three of us can share our new home at the “aerie.” We’ll keep you posted. Hugs, Silas and Dante

Dudes SIJCO!

Damien and Silas brought the preliminary plans for their “Rainbow Aerie” over for us to look at on Saturday. It’s going to be spectacular. It’ll be 3 bedrooms and 3 baths because “we want each of the kids we adopt to have their own room and bathroom.” (How’s that for optimism? 🙂 ) There’ll be a huge deck with a hot tub on the front overlooking the Lake. The entire roof will be a solar array that should provide the electricity they need. The exterior will be cedar and steel “in warm earth tones.” There’ll be a partial lower level set back into the hillside. It’ll be used for storage and as a “safe place” in case of thunderstorms or tornadoes. The plans have been submitted to the various authorities and the architects have assured them they can get them approved quickly. They hope to break ground by the first of May. We love that our little lakeside community is continuing to grow!

Dude. It’s Friends Friday. Time for some “Lumpy, bumpy jeans”!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. ‘Way back in June, 2019, I did a “jeans snippets” or “pocket full of miracles” post. I loved it, but Jingle and some others didn’t much care for it, so I never did post these “bulge” pics. I know everyone wants to see faces, but I sometimes think the mystery of a “snippets” post is exciting. Anyway, I had this post ready to go and Alex texted and asked if anyone had a post he could “tag-on to.” So here it is… and if you don’t particularly like the pics, maybe you’ll at least be interested in what Alex has to say 🙂 Love you guys. Rick and Keon

Hi. It’s Alex. In the last post when I told you about selling the Berry Farm Place project, I mentioned that one of the best things about selling the property is making a new friend. His name is Dante and he’s the son of the developer who bought the project.
Denise, Nathan and I first met Dante when he showed up on the job site one morning and introduced himself. He’s 23 years old… has black hair – long on top with close-cropped sides… wears two big diamond studs in each ear… and has a startling electric smile. It took him about 20 minutes to convince us we needed to listen to the offer they were making us. After he left, Denise said “My God. That boy is gorgeous. He should be a model!”
Anyway, we finally agreed on the terms of the sale and got the attorneys working on it. A few days later, Dante called me and asked if we could “go to lunch.” I said, “Sure. I’ll check with Denise and Nathan to see when they’re available.” He hesitated… and then said “Could it just be you and me? There are some personal things I’d like to talk with you about.” So the next day we met for lunch at a quiet little restaurant in Kimberling City. After the waitress brought our food, Dante said “Can I ask you a personal question?” I said “Well, you can ask.” He said “Are you gay?” I was surprised by the question but said “Absolutely.” He said “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said “Yes. And even better, he’s my husband and we have two amazing kids.” He flashed me one of his electric smiles and said “That’s SO COOL!” So then I asked “Are you gay?” And he said “Yup. Absolutely. And I have a boyfriend in St. Louis whose name is Silas. We’re planning to get married as soon as things get straightened out on the Berry Farm and I’m moved down here.” I asked “Does Silas work for your Company?” He said “No. He’s a middle school science and phys ed teacher. Right now, he’s working as a substitute teacher until we can get moved and married.”
He had a million questions about Cal and me and the kids and our friends – and I finally said “Our friends David and Ben have a gay blog and if you want to look at it, it’ll answer every question you could possibly have about us.”
The next week, he called and said “I’ve been looking at Unrulydude. It’s awesome! In fact, I went back to the beginning where David and Ben met over at Park College – and I’ve read every word of the blog. I know about all you guys now. It’s the neatest story I’ve ever read.” I said “I can’t believe you’ve read it all. It must have taken days.” He chuckled and said “I read pretty fast and I didn’t look at the pictures as I went. Now Silas is reading it too. I do have one question, though.” I said “What’s that?” He said “When do I get to meet Dub?” I just laughed and said “I’m sure we can arrange that.”
We’re planning a get together up at Ty and Damien’s next Saturday and have invited Dante and Silas. Everyone is excited about meeting them. We’ll keep you posted. xoxo Alex