I’ve been a little concerned about getting a gift for Angie from Dub – because of the time it’ll take to get to her with customs and all. So, this afternoon, I told David I thought we needed to take Dub shopping. He was busy trying to wrap up a contract with one of his biggest customers – and asked if I’d mind talking Dub. So I did.
I had absolutely no idea what we would get for her – so we went to Macy’s – thinking that they have pretty much everything. When we got there, I showed him some scarves I thought she might like… but he was unimpressed. So we looked at some gloves… and then some coffee mugs and ball point pens. Dub wasn’t interested. Finally, I asked him if he had any ideas about what he’d like to get his Mom. His eyes lit up and he flashed me this huge grin and said, “Jullree”!
A little background. Most mornings, Dub and the pups come and jump in bed with David and me. One of the first times he did that, he pointed to my nipple piercings and said, “Whas dis?” I said, “It’s jewelry.” Then, he looked at the gold cross pendant around my neck and said, “Whas dis?” I told him it was jewelry – and that it’s something guys sometimes get when they’re all grown up. He seemed satisfied with the answer and that’s the last time he mentioned it. So I was surprised when he said he wanted to get his Mom “Jullree.” But… we headed to the jewelry counter. We walked around looking at stuff in the glass cases and then, Dub stopped, pointed and said, “Get dis!” He was pointing at a pretty little gold cross on a small gold chain that I figured was expensive. A nice young lady came over and showed it to us – and, of course it was on sale… and Dub said, “How much dis?” I looked at the price tag, smiled at the girl and said, “It’s four dollars.” Dub pulled his little bag of money out of his coat pocket and laid it up on the counter (which was taller than him). I winked at the sales girl – picked him up and we counted out four dollars. I handed the money (and my Macy’s charge card) to the girl and she got us a receipt and asked if we wanted it gift-wrapped. Dub didn’t know what that meant, so we told him. He thought about it – looked at the girl – and said, “No. I gotta show my other dad.” So, she put the pendant in a shopping bag, along with a little gift bag and some tissue paper – and we were off.
Dub was so excited – and couldn’t wait to get home to show his gift to David. As far as I know, it’s the first time I’ve ever not been truthful with the little dude… but if you could have seen the look on his face…