Happy birthday, baby. We love you!

Today is our buddy Jingle’s birthday… and here’s the thing. Babe. You’re the heart and soul of UnrulyDude. No post is complete until we get your thoughts and comments. They’re always insightful – they cause us to see things we would otherwise never have seen -and they often make us laugh our butts off. We love you. Thank you for all you’ve done all these years to make URD a fun and interesting place to visit. We love you. Happy birthday! xoxo David, Ben and Beto

You may have noticed that we signed this post “David, Ben and Beto.” That’s because Beto contributed many of the pics for this “Jingle potpourri”. Thank you, Beto. You’re the best!

Pics from Jingle!

Our buddy “Jingle” has been with URD as long as there’s been a URD. From time-to-time he sends us pics – that we always enjoy. So, last week (after his suggestion of a “belts” post) we were looking through our “Pics from Jingle” folder and thought, “Hey, these are HOT… why not do a post with them. So here you have it – “Pics from Jingle.”
John. We couldn’t possibly say how much we value your friendship and appreciate all you do for us and the blog. Thanks for the pics… we love you! xoxo David and Ben

Here’s a thought. Since we’ve now had a “Pics from Jingle” post… how about a “Pics from Denny” or “Pics from Tim” or “Pics from Beto” etc., etc., etc.?
Honestly guys, we’d love it. Anyone interested? xoxo

Happy birthday, dear Jingle… happy birthday to you!

Here’s the deal. No blog – gay or straight – ever had a better friend than our buddy “Jingle.”
Babe, your comments constantly amaze us. We think we’ve looked carefully at every pic before we post ’em… and then you surprise us by finding a wedding ring – or tattoo -or piercing – or bedspread – or piece of furniture we hadn’t noticed, and we have a whole new appreciation of the photo. You’re a genuine original and we love you. Here’s to a wonderful birthday and an amazing year ahead filled with love, good health and every happiness. xoxo David, Ben and the “gang.” 🙂