Happy birthday, dear Jordan. Happy birthday to you!

We’re doing this post with an apology to our friend Jordan because it’s a day late. Not the first time it’s happened, but it’s our BAD and we’re sorry. Sometimes we just get so caught up in LIFE, we get behind on the important stuff. As you know, Jordan has been a friend of URD since before there even was a UnrulyDude. Our friendship goes way back to our days on Blogger and this is a big, belated birthday hug for a dear friend. Jordan, we hope your birthday was wonderful – and that the coming year brings good health and much happiness! xoxo David and Ben

Happy birthday, dear Jordan… Happy birthday to you!

Our friend, “jordan” has been an important part of URD for about as long as there’s been URD. Babe, we hope your birthday is wonderful – and that you’re sharing it with your partner of 25 years. Happy birthday… and happy silver anniversary to you and your special guy. We love you!