Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the work at yet another of my fav gay artists!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Since you said you weren’t getting tired of my “gay artists” posts, I thought this week, I’d feature the work of “Joseph.” I think he’s absolutely one of the most talented gay artists ever, and LOVE his work. One of the things I like most is that he draws guys of every age. There’s usually one or more older (daddy) types – and from one to several younger dude(s) in each of his drawings. I don’t have any biographical information on him, but here’s what he has to say about his art:
“I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, as many artists before me have said. Realizing I was gay at a young age, I often focused my efforts on the male figure. Early on, I took special interest in the work of classical European artists (Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, who were all purportedly gay, by the way). Later, in my teens, I became aware of explicit gay artwork, mainly Tom of Finland, Etienne, and Harry Bush, but before the advent of the Internet these images were very difficult to find. I always wondered if I could ever be a part of this brave group of men.
About seven years ago, I took an important step and began submitting my drawings for publication, primarily to Handjobs Magazine (www.hjmag.com). These submissions have been welcomed there and I would like to offer my thanks to Darrel, Daniel, Mark, Jim, and George, publishers of Handjobs, for their support of my work and that of artists all over the country. Although I have had some pieces appear in other magazines and on book jacket covers, the magazine remains my primary outlet for publication.
In 2008 my art publisher, Avenue Services, began publishing stories I submitted to accompany my original artwork. Examples of my writing can be seen in Handjobs Magazine.
Stylistically, I strive for something between realism and fantasy. I leave total realism to the photographers-the appeal of drawing is in its openness to multiple possibilities. While I am proud of my work and pleased with the response it has gotten, I do regret that I haven’t been able to pursue formal artistic training. For the moment at least, I remain primarily self-taught.
I work with live models, and some great friendships have developed from these working relationships. Most of these models are straight; I’m not sure why, but the vast majority of those replying to advertisements have been so. The artist/model relationship is always an amazing experience. A strong bond of trust is imperative-I NEVER reveal true identities-and often the whole experience is enjoyable for us both.
I do hope you enjoy exploring my online gallery. In addition to the works seen here, I also accept requests for commissioned drawings. To discuss commissioning a drawing or to offer any other suggestions or comments regarding the artwork available here, please email me at Joseph@maleartbyjoseph.com.”
I hope you guys like Joseph’s drawings as much as I do!