Hot jocks… and soon… a birthday boy…

I admit… I’ve never figured out the deal with jockstraps. I mean, they’re just a nut sack and a couple of straps that leave your ass hangin’ out. I personally prefer low-rise briefs when I’m playing soccer or working out at the gym. Having said that, I have to admit some guys look really hot wearing a jock. Like the guys here 🙂

Plans for Dub’s birthday are pretty much finalized. We’ve contacted everyone we can think of and let them know about the “birthday card palooza” so we’re pretty sure he’ll be getting lots of cards. David and I asked him what he wanted to do for his big day and he said he’d like to have a pizza party here at the house. David has spent the last two or three years experimenting with pizza dough recipes and his thin crust pizza is pretty amazing. Of course, Dub likes his “veggie lovers pizza” that has zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichokes and bell pepper strips. We decided to have the party on Saturday, the 4th – so everyone can come – then, we’ll have a quiet celebration on the 5th for just the three of us – or maybe the three of us plus Rick, Keon and Alex?. On Saturday, Austin and Erik will be here – along with their parents… and Rick, Keon and Alex… plus Christian and Shelby and Spence – and Mr. Martinez. I suspect my sister and all 3 of Dub’s grandparents will be here as well. Shelby has volunteered to make a huge carrot cake, and I’m sure we’ll have a crowd.
After the party, Dub and Erik are going to spend the night at Austin’s house. Damien and Tyler have just finished their new basement “media room” – complete with a Samsung 110″ high-def t.v., custom sound system and power reclining theater seats. We haven’t seen it yet, but I guess it’s pretty spectacular. The boys are really excited about it and it’ll make a nice wrap-up for the public part of his birthday.
I can’t believe Dub is growing up so fast. It seems like maybe just yesterday was the first time we met him – and now David and I (and the pups) can’t imagine life without him. I mean, I want him to grow up and all… but it’s just so wonderful having a little dude around and getting a new view of the World through his eyes. Wow.