Dude. Check out these fun fistsfuls!

Things are quiet here at Table Rock. We’d thought about getting the boats out of storage so we could spend some time on the lake – but it’s been unseasonably cold, so we haven’t. The only boating activity these days is Chad and Raef taking the kids fishing from time-to-time, and our freezers are full of crappie filets.
Chad and Raef had a bit of an altercation last week with the “State people” about having an “adequate home” for Matty. As a peace gesture, hey leased a house that’s about a mile from our cabins. It’s a nice little 3 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow that will make them a good home – and, hopefully keep the bureaucrats happy. They have an option to buy it at the end of the least and we’re guessing they’ll probably do that instead of buying one of the “very pricey” villas over at the fishing camp. We’ll keep you posted. xoxo Ben and David