Happy Birthday, Ben… and Happy Independence Day to all!

I’m pre-posting this for Thursday morning and hoping the WordPress Gods will cooperate. By the time this posts, theoretically, Rick, Ty and Keon’s new cabin will be finished… the kids and grands will have arrived at the lake… and the celebrations are about to begin. Along with wishing my hubby the Happiest Birthday ever – we want to wish all of you happy, safe 4th of July celebrations with friends, family, lots of good food and things that make you “POP”! Happy Birthday, babe… and Happy Holiday, guys! xoxo

Happy 4th of July, guys!

Ben I are off to Colorado for a few days of biking in the mountains. We’ve done pre-posts for each day we’ll be gone – so (assuming WordPress co-operates) we won’t miss any posts – and we’ll be checking in on our laptops so we won’t miss your comments. We wish you all a happy, memorable and SAFE 4th of July.
David and Ben