Dude. Check out these “balls ‘n bones” !

Beto’s comment about the “beautiful balls” on a dude in our last post got us thinking about… well… uh… BALLS. So we checked, and it’s been over a year since we devoted a post to “the boys.” So, here we go… “balls ‘n bones.” What could be better than that? !

It’s been crazy busy around here lately. The last day of this school term is tomorrow and it’ll be nice to have time to enjoy being outdoors and out on the lake.
Dub and Chance have still been working with Alex and Nathan, getting furniture ready for the Hawks nest. Alex says everything is coming along nicely and notes that Dub has become a “wizard” with the spray gun.
We’re pleased the FDA has approved a “booster shot” of the Pfizer covid vaccine for kids age 5-11. We’ll be going to Springfield next week to get the kids boosted. Of course while we’re there we’ll meet up with the grandparents for lunch from Pizza House. What a wonderful way to start the summer!
We hope you guys are having nice weather and enjoying being in the great out of doors. Much love to you all. xoxo Ben and David

It’s what’s up front that counts!

We had a post request way back on May 21, 2013 from our buddy “Anthony”, who said: “How about a post of guys with their junk pointing to the camera? You know as if you’re the one on the floor looking at it.”
We were thinking about Anthony this morning. We haven’t heard from him since his birthday back in March. Babe, we hope you’re in good health and going strong. We realize your work keeps you really busy.
Anyway, we loved Anthony’s idea back in 2013 – and still do. We’ve sort of expanded on it by including guys in various positions with their dicks “up-front” where they belong. We’re even including a few with ink and metal for Jingle. Ain’t nothin’ better than a big ole’ dick staring you in the face 🙂

Ben and I are really excited for Cal, Alex, Izzie, Scott and Denise. We’re also excited for Jim and Carol because we know getting great new neighbors at our “lake compound” is important to them. We’re anxiously awaiting news about the appraisal and getting the purchase finalized. I’m sure the entire Northland gang will descend on that little cabin like a swarm of locusts as soon as we get the word. Ben says he’ll gladly help rip out the ugly knotty pine paneling – but plans to practice good oral hygiene while he’s doing it 🙂

Dude. Look! Bad Ass Boy Balls!

Call ’em nuts, nads, the boys, rocks, cojones, gonads, huevos, stones, the family jewels, or just plain boy balls… they’re fun to look at – play with – lick – suck – and unload. Gotta love those boy balls!