Happy birthday to our buddy “Kent” !

Our birthday file notes for Kent say he likes boi butts, socks, twinks, Asians and younguns. We’ve tried to check off all the boxes here – with a bunch of help from our buddy Beto.
Kent, you’re a dear friend and you’ve been with us for about as long as there’s been a URD. We love you… and wish you good health, love and every happiness today and throughout the coming year. xoxo David, Ben and Beto

Happy birthday, dear Kent… Happy birthday to you!

If you’re a URD regular, you just know Kent’s birthday post is gonna feature lots of “boi butts.” That’s because he famously said (in one of his comments) “Boys with a cute butt make the world a better place.” As you know, we keep birthday pics folders for all our CCC guys and add to them throughout the year. Somehow, this ended up being kind of a “Kent potpourri” post. We hope these photos help to make our birthday boy’s special day… really special!

There are six of us Northland guys who are co-administrators of URD – David, Ben, Keon, Rick, Cal and Alex. One thing we share is WE ALL LOVE KENT! He’s one the greatest supporters of our gang in general – and Dub and the other kids in particular. THANK YOU, Kent, for being such an important part of our on-line family. We hope your birthday is your best ever! xoxo David, Ben, Keon, Rick, Cal and Alex

Happy Birthday, dear Kent. Happy Birthday to you!

With our best Birthday wishes to one of our best ever on-line friends. Sorry we’re so late in the day getting this posted, babe. Hope your birthday was the best ever. We love you!
David and Ben