Yo. Dude. It’s Unrulyboi Saturday!

Keon called yesterday afternoon and said his brother was coming through KC and wanted to take him out to eat. Said he’d have him drop him off at our house after. David and I were watching NCAA tournament games – so when there was a break around 6:30. we had an early dinner – and after that, I said, “You know, if Keon is gonna fuck us – it’d be nice for our asses to be real clean. What would you think about a beer enema?”
David asked, “Is that what it sounds like?” I said, “Yup.” “Have you ever done it?” “Nope. but I think it sounds fun.” David grinned and asked, “You know how to do it?” I said, “I’ve read about it on the web. Says it makes you drunk because the alcohol is directly absorbed by the body. “David said, “Might as well, I guess. Might be interesting.” So I emptied the last of some 7-up out of a litre, plastic bottle – poured in a little over half a bottle of beer – finished filling it with warm water – and we headed to the bathtub. I got on my back – put my legs in the air – and David squeezed almost half the bottle in my asshole. Then I filled his – and we took turns blowing it out on each other. It really was pretty hot. And we really were drunk as fuck. We grinned and giggled and showered – and staggered into the bedroom to get dressed – it was crazy how drunk we were from just that little bit of beer.
Keon got here about nine o’clock – and we had started to sober up by then. Keon said, “I brought us some smoke – it’s good shit – wanta try it?” So we did – then I spread the blanket on the living room floor in front of the fireplace – we all got naked – and he fucked me – then David – then me again – then David again. The dude is a STUD – and it was some amazing fucking – and now I have two more things I can scratch off my sex bucket list.

Munch out with your Junk out!

When Ben got home this afternoon, he told me he’d given Keon a ride home after class. He told Keon if he wanted to come over, he’d need to get tested. Said it kind of pissed him off at first – but he was o.k. with it – after he told him we’d both been tested – and that if he wanted some “real” dude sex, he’d need to do it.” Said Keon gave him a lop-sided grin and said “You tellin’ me if I get tested I get to fuck your hairy butts?” Ben said, “Pretty much.” And Keon said, “Fuck yeah.”
On another subject – I’m happy to say I took one of today’s pics last night before I dove in and ate the subject for about 30 minutes. YUMMY!!