S L U R P ! ! !

We had a request Monday from “Huck,” who said, “Hey, know what else is like the ultimate turn-on for me?? Holes and soles!! Isn’t it time for a holes and soles post?? 🙂 love y’all, keep it up!”
Well, Huck, it’s been several months since we did a “holes and soles” post – so here some very “slurp-able” guys showing us their beautiful boy-cunts. Yummers! Thanks for the request, babe.

Here’s a comment we received from “bw”, a couple of days ago:
“Anyway, you did not tell us much about Kerry – whats he look like, hairy or smooth, and of course how big is his wiener.”
So, here’s the story:
Kerry is 29 years old. He’s an investment banker. He’s cute as fuck – has a great smile – and makes a lot of money. He’s single and met “Sherry” a few months ago. They were introduced by some mutual friends… and, instantly, everyone thought “Sherry and Kerry” were a couple. So it kind of worked for a while… then, one night – even though she wouldn’t have sex with him “until we’re married” – she agreed to jerk him off. When she saw his dick she said she thought it was “kind of ugly.” It’s about 6 inches, hard… and fat and uncut… and Sherry said maybe he could get circumcised – so it would look like a “regular penis.”
They dated for a while and, apparently, Sherry told everyone she thought he was giving her an engagement ring for Christmas. He said he had no idea why she thought that because he’d never said anything to her about getting married. He didn’t give her a ring and she was really pissed… and sent him a text message on New Years’ Eve… telling him she never wanted to see him again.
So, Kerry is a really nice, 29 year old dude… who has always considered himself “straight,” and who got dumped-on by his girlfriend… and is kind of confused and messed up. David and I think his 6-inch, fat, uncut dick is beautiful. It goes with his hairy bush and ass… and looks wonderful to us.
We’re not gonna push it. It’s his deal. If he wants to explore gay sex… that’s cool.
But if he’s straight, that’s also cool. We just think he’s a neat guy – and like having him as a friend. We’ll probably invite him over for dinner and see what, if anything, happens. We’ll let you know.