Tuesday, dude. Time to take out tha trash!

I’m guessing most of you guys remember my friend, “Kevin.” (If you don’t – click on “KEVIN” under “tags” on the right side of the page).
I don’t have any classes with Kevin this semester – and since I hadn’t seen him for a while, I stopped by his house after my last class yesterday. He was home – but I was in for a quite a surprise. He still has his beard – but his hair is buzzed and he was wearing a dog collar. I asked, “You wanta get some beers?” And he said, “Yeah. Let’s go.”
So we went to a bar near campus – grabbed a pitcher of beer and went to a table in the back. I said, “Nice collar and buzz.” He didn’t say anything for a while – just sat there drinking. Finally, he said, “It’s like this. I’m still not gay – but I guess I’m Ethan’s bitch.”
“You guess?”
“Well. yeah. I’m his bitch. See – one night, I went over to his house and he got me naked – shoved a butt plug in my ass – tied me up in a chair – stuffed my boxers in my mouth – duct-taped my mouth shut and cut off my hair. Didn’t ask. Just did it. Then he put this dog collar on me and told me not to take it off unless he said I could. You’d think all that would of pissed me off – but, you know what? It didn’t. Just made my dick harder and harder. Then, he took off the tape – pulled my unders out of my mouth – and spent about an hour suckin’ my dick – like he’d done before. It was amazing – and I blew a HUGE load in his mouth. And we kept kissin’ and swapping’ my cum. After that, he told me, ‘Kevin, you’re my bitch, now.’ And I didn’t say anything so he said, ‘Kevin – what are you?’ – I finally mumbled “O.K. I’m your bitch.” And he said, “Kevin. Say it louder.” So I said, “Ethan, I’m your fuckin’ bitch.” Then he un-tied me and said, “Kevin, put on your clothes.” So I did. He handed me a bottle of Grey Goose he’d taken out of the freezer and told me to have a seat on the couch. I sat. With the plug still in my asshole. Ethan and I handed the bottle back and forth and, after a few shots, he said, “I want you to get tested for STD’s. And I said, “I don’t have any STD’s.” And he said, “Get tested – and bring me the results – and maybe I’ll fuck you.
Then, he said, “Leave now.” So I did.
Then, I went and had my blood pulled – and got the test results – all negative – and waited for him to call me. He finally did. And I’m going over to his house Friday night.
I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything.
“I can tell – you think I’m fucked-up,” he said.
I took a big drink of beer – thought about it for a while – and finally said, “Kevin. On November 15th, I got my dick sucked by a guy – at the park – for the first time – and I’d never thought I was gay – or anything – and since then, I’ve moved in with him – and gotten a prince albert – and a quiche piercing – and we’ve gone to FL for spring break – and got matching dragon tattoos – and I’ve had my balls shaved – and completely fallen in love – so why would I think you’re fucked-up?”
We sat there drinking beer for a while – and finally, Kevin grinned and said, “Ain’t it fuckin’ somethin’? And I said, “Yeah. It fuckin’ is.”

Look, dude. Butt munchers!

Back on January 27th, our friend “Anthony” commented: “You know what would be a great post? Dudes licking some butt. Sounds good?” Well, Hell yeah, Anthony, licking some butt always sounds good. Some pretty hot ass-munchers here. Hope you like ’em. And, thanks for the request!

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into my friend “Kevin” on campus. He said, “Dude. wanta grab a beer?” I said, “Sure.” So we went to a local bar and found a table in the back. I said, “What’s up?” He flashed this silly grin and said, “Look. You can’t tell anyone about this. O.K?” I said, “I tell David everything.” He thought about that for a minute and said, “O.K. but no one except David.” And I said, O.K.”
He said, “You remember David’s friend, “Ethan?” And I said, “Of course.”
“Well, I called him – and went over to his house last Saturday,” he said. We talked a while and I told him I was straight – but I’d kinda been thinkin’ about sex with dudes. He said, “That’s not unusual. A lot of straight guys like sex with men. I’ve probably had sex with more “straights” than gays. Then he went to the ‘frig – got a bottle of Grey Goose out of the freezer – opened it – took a swig and handed it to me. I said, “You got any mixer?” He said, “You need it straight. Drink up.” So I did. I’d never drunk liquor straight before and I was really feelin’ it after 3 or 4 hits. That’s when he said, “Kevin, take your clothes off.” I was real nervous and didn’t know what to do – so I took another big hit on the vodka and stripped to my boxers and tee shirt. Ethan looked at me and said, “Kevin, I said: take your clothes off.” So I did. My dick was hard as
Hell. He went over to an end-table by his couch and took out a butt plug and a jar of lube. He asked, “Ever had anything up your ass?” I said, “Ummm just my finger.” He said “Bend over and put your hands on the couch.” I did and he lubed my hole. Then he reached over and picked my boxers up off the floor and stuffed ’em in my mouth. So, there I was, naked with my underwear stuffed in my mouth and my dick so fuckin’ hard – and he holds the unders in my mouth with one hand and shoves the butt plug in my ass with the other. I was fuckin’ screamin’ into my shorts – my ass hurt like Hell – and my dick was rainin’ pre-cum. So, he sat me in this straight-backed chair – blindfolded me with a bandana – and tied my hands behind my back – and my ankles to the chair legs – and I was thinkin’ “What tha fuck?”
That’s when I felt him start lickin’ the pre-cum off my dick and I just about blew. But he didn’t let me. He kept at it for what must have been a fuckin’ hour or more – touchin’ my dick – strokin’ it – lickin’ it – and every time I’d just about nut, he’d back off. Swear to God – I needed to cum so bad – my balls were aching and my dick hurt worse than my asshole. Finally, he took off the blindfold – pulled the shorts out of my mouth and said, “Good boy. Would you like to cum now?” I said, “Fuck, man. I’ve GOTTA cum now.” So he held up a drink glass – wrapped his hand around my dick – and – jerked my load into it. I blew the biggest load of my life into that glass. I swear, it was half full – and he smiled and said, “Here’s the mixer you wanted.” Then he poured a shot of vodka in the glass with my cum – untied my hands – handed it to me and said “bottoms up.”
“What did you do?” I asked. He said, “Hell, man. What do you think I did? I drank it.” We sat in silence for a minute or two – drinking our beers – then he grinned and said, “I still have the butt plug in my hole.”
“You’re shittin’ me.” I said. “Nope. I’m gettin’ to where I like it.”
“You glad you did it?” I asked. He thought for a few seconds and finally shrugged and said, “Guess so. I mean, I’m still not gay – but Ethan and I are gettin’ together again tomorrow night.”
Figure that out. I think I need to talk with David about this.