It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the work of the King of Diamonds!

Hi, guys. We ran across this dude on-line a couple of weeks ago and were immediately intrigued. He’s a closeted gay artist from Mumbai, India and we love his work. Here’s a comment from him – as posted on his Tumblr:
“About ♢K
HI everyone, welcome to my blog, I have started this gay minimal art blog to curb my thirst to minimalism and libido of body n mind. I came across very less minimal queer oriented work, so this is my attempt in minimal gay Art.
Although not be going to be restricted to only Minimalism but whatever I come up with 😉
NSFW alert. It’s more of NSFW things – penises and sex for now but in future I would like to make gay love oriented graphics too. My own work so please mind copyright 🙂 reblog- yes please, credit- yes please 🙂
I am a graphic artist from Mumbai, India. “King of diamonds” Is my pseudo name/identity for Gay oriented graphic art as I am in closet as of now.
Let me know what you guys think about this attempt. Would love to receive encouraging messages. Do drop a line or two if you like the art 🙂
Will anybody be at all interested in prints?
© All rights reserved”
We’ve visited… and re-visited… his blog and read most of the comments from his viewers – and his responses. He seems like a genuinely nice gay guy who is stuck in the closet in a Country that makes sex with persons of the same gender punishable by law.
This is, of course, quite different from what we normally post, but we definitely think it’s worth a look. Here’s a link to his blog:
We’re headed to the Lake tomorrow for the Labor Day weekend. Hope all of you have a safe, enjoyable Holiday.
Love always,
Rick and Keon