Dude. We’re gettin’ a “leg up” on “Friends Friday.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Ben, Keon and I were over at “Dr C’s” house talking about Travon’s school admission – and he said he thought Travon would “have a leg up” because of his strong family ties and excellent support group.
Of course, that got me wondering about what having a “leg up” meant. So when we got home, I Googled it and came up with some interesting explanations:
“The idiom a leg up means (1) a boost or (2) a position of advantage. When you get a leg up on your competition, you’re at least temporarily ahead of them in some significant way. The phrase comes from foot racing, where getting a leg up at the start of the race gives an edge.”
…then, there’s this:
“This phrase may incorrectly invoke images of a dog raising its leg. In fact Getting a leg up is from the act of an equestrian receiving help in mounting a horse. The helper would create a foothold by cupping the hands to heft the rider upward, throwing a leg up and over the steed.”
…and this:
“To get a boost or a lift. I can climb over the fence if I get a leg up from you. (idiomatic) To gain some advantage; to get a head start. He hopes that all the extra advertising will give him a leg up on the competition.”
So, whatever “getting a leg up” means from a Google perspective, I think these pics help to visualize it better. Hope you enjoy watching these boys “get a leg up” as much as we do 🙂