Dude. It ain’t gonna lick itself!

As you may have read, Southwest Missouri is now the epicenter of the Delta variant of Coronavirus in the U.S. Here’s an excerpt from an Associated Press article:
Frustrated health officials in the Springfield area are imploring residents to get COVID-19 vaccinations as the faster-spreading Delta variant pushes case numbers and hospitalizations higher.
Random testing of virus samples have determined that the Delta variant, which is more infectious and potentially more deadly than other variants, has become dominant around Springfield and in much of southwest Missouri, Kendra Findley, administrator of community health and epidemiology with Greene County, said Thursday.”
This, of course S U C K S big time. We had planned a fathers’ day get-together here at the Lake, but the grandparents have cancelled because (even thought they’re all fully vaccinated) they’re afraid they might somehow bring the Delta variant to the kids. Pop-pops blames this on the evangelical ministers preaching against the vaccine, and he’s probably right – at least to some extent. So, I guess we won’t be seeing much of the grands – at least until fall (or whenever) the Pfizer vaccine becomes available to kids under the age of 12.
The kids are VERY disappointed that the grands won’t be here.. but we’ll “FaceTime” with them and make the best of it. This morning, Dub said “Dad. This IS gonna be over someday, isn’t it?” I said “I think so, Dub. At least I sure hope so.”

Oh, and btw, happy fathers day to those of you who are lucky enough to experience the joy of fatherhood 🙂

Bad dog!

The original title for this post was “Hey, bitch… It ain’t gonna lick itself.”
Then, Callum texted saying he’d like to do a “tag on” and we thought “Bad dog” was more appropriate. Whatever the title, we love the subject!
…And… on a totally unrelated subject, how are you guys feeling about the Jeopardy guest hosts? Dub, Ben and I thought Katie Couric was a bit too “happy, happy, happy”, but so far, Dr. Oz hasn’t been as bad as we thought he might be. The subs sure aren’t Alex!

Hey. It’s Cal. I thought I’d tell you a story about a “bad dog.”
As you know, we’ve been looking for a pup for Chance for a while. He’s really wanted his own dog and we wanted him to have one. The thing was, when we asked him what kind of dog he wanted, he kept saying “one just like “Buzz.” Of course, there aren’t any more dogs like Buzz, but we’ve kept on looking.
When the grandparents were here last weekend, Pop-pops got Alex and me off to the side and told us about a dog he thought we might (?) be interested in. He said it belonged to a couple he knows in Springfield. He said he’d worked with the fellow on some art projects at the museum and “he’s a good guy.”
The thing is… the wife wanted a puppy and so he got her a 12-week old English Springer spaniel for Christmas. He said she immediately fell in love with the pup and named him “Bugsby” or “Bugs” for short (she thought he was “cute as a bug”). It was all good for a while – then the problems started. He’d been doing so well on his house training, they left him alone at home one day while they went to work. He “totally destroyed” a hand-knotted Persian rug her grandmother had given them. So, on the first nice day they put him in the (fenced-in) back yard and went to work. He dug out under the fence and destroyed a neighbor’s planting area. The pup is “crate trained” but the guy thought it was cruel to leave him in the crate all day – and then all night, so they tried leaving him “home alone” again. He chewed the leg off a Louis XVI writing table. He said his wife was hysterical and thought “Bugs” was “the worst dog in the world.”
So they started boarding him at a local doggie day care ($30.00 per day). Now, the wife hates the dog and they can’t trust him alone in their home and day care is expensive so they want to “be rid of him.”
Last Tuesday, Pop-pops picked up the dog and brought him down to the lake. Alex, Chance and I met them over at David and Ben’s place. The pup and Buzz started playing and chased each other all over the house – barking and playing “keep away” with one of Buzz’ toys. They were a “hoot.” When they settled down, the pup went over to where Dub and Chance were sitting and just looked at them. We told them about the problems his owners had had with him and that they thought he was a “bad dog.” Dub said “There prolly aren’t any bad dogs – just bad owners.” Chance was immediately in love with him and we asked if he’d like to keep him. He grinned from ear to ear and said “Could we… could we… please?”
So, long story short, Chance has his new puppy. He’s crate trained and house trained and came with a crate, collars, leashes, beds, food and water dishes and toys. “Bugs” is a sweet pup. He’s been sleeping with Chance and SO FAR, he’s been a “good dog.” Alex and I think Dub is probably right. There’s “prolly” no such thing as a “bad dog.” xoxo Cal and Alex

Dude. This is tonguetastic!

As we know, the tongue is a wonderful and amazing thing. It’s vital for chewing and swallowing food, as well as for speech. It has many nerves that detect and transmit taste signals to the brain. The four common tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.
O.K. these are the commonly recognized purposes of the tongue. We’re betting you guys have found other valuable uses. Please let us know your favorites. xoxo David and Ben