Lads ‘n their lids!

David and I were over at Rally House this afternoon and they had a new Sporting Kansas City ball cap that I just totally had to have. David said, “Babe, you have a rack full of caps in the garage and a huge drawer full of caps in your dresser. You sure you need another one?” I said, “Well, it’s like they say – caps are for guys what shoes are for girls.” We both laughed and I bought the cap – and yup… I’m wearing it right now. Ask me, there ain’t many things better than ball caps!

it’s like they say

Dude. You can leave your cap on!

Hard to believe it’s been 7 months since I did a “caps” post. I mean, I LOVE caps. I was looking at a KU cap over at Rally House one day and a cute dude who works there said I should buy it. I said I already had about a hundred caps, so buying another one would be kinda silly. He said, “Ah, man. Go ahead. Don’t you know caps are to guys what shoes are to women?” I bought the cap – probably because he was so darned CUTE.

Lads ‘n Lids!!