Dude. Check out these “fun size” peckers!

On our last post (balls ‘n boners) b.w. commented, saying: “I think you should insert the word “big” right before boners – most of these lads are rather gifted.”
Then, Denny said “This post could easily be subtitled “Land of the King-Size Cock”
… which got us thinking about dicks and how size really isn’t all that important. So, here are some “average joe” type peckers that we’re betting would be lots of fun to play with 🙂

Another bunch of “Average Joes” wishing you a Happy New Year!

Since both Jingle and Fred took exception to our calling our last posted dudes “Average Joes,” we thought some more modestly hung guys might make a good change of pace 🙂

Check it out, dude. “Below average Joes”!

On Tuesday, Ben did a post of “average Joes” and it brought about a bunch of comments that the dudes were “anything but average.” So I thought I’d post some guys who appear to be a bit “below average.” They’re all HOT… they just have penises that appear to be a little smaller than your “average Joe.” 🙂

The kids had a wonderful Halloween evening. Dub had thought about dressing up as Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Then, he found out that both Erik and Austin were going to go as P.M., so he decided he’d go as Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid. It took a LOT of padding, glasses, a fake mustache and a red Chiefs cap, but he was a HOOT! Since it was a Chiefs theme, Travon decided to go as running back Kareem Hunt… and the little girl formerly known as Izzie dressed as a Chiefs cheerleader. They all looked GREAT!
Of course, all the adults wanted to go trick-or-treating with them, but we decided there were too many of us – and since Denise and Scott and Ty and Damien really, REALLY wanted to go, Rick, Keon, Alex, Cal, Ben and I stayed here at the house with the dogs and a pitcher of margaritas. Bebe is pretty hyper and doesn’t do well with all the excitement, so she chose to spend the evening in her crate (her “safe place.”) Not “Buzz.” Every time the door bell rang, he was right there waiting to see the kids. He loved every minute of it. We decided he must have thought it was a big party in his honor because his tail didn’t stop wagging and he wanted to be petted by every kid who came to the door. He simply LOVES people – and kids in particular.
Scott and Denise had promised all their friends over at the condo they’d bring the kids by, so they got an early start and made the rounds there before coming back to the neighborhood to collect even more candy. Dub (who prefers veggies to candy) wanted to do something with his… and the other kids had a lot more than they needed, so after school on Thursday, he and Ben took about a ton of treats over to City Union Mission. They said they were really happy to get it!
I guess we’d all say Halloween was a huge success here in the Northland – especially “Buzz.”