Dude. Time to break out the long johns… and celebrate a little.

Well. What a FUN day that was! We got up yesterday morning with snow falling and beginning to accumulate. David, Dub and I put on our long johns, bundled up and headed out to get an early start on shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. Rick, Keon, Travon (and Max) came over for brunch and afterward we all went outside to build snow forts and toss snowballs. Before long, Austin, Erik and about a dozen other neighborhood kids showed up to join in the fun. Miss Bebe was perfectly happy to stay warm inside the house, but of course Buzz and Max were in the big middle of the whole thing… running and barking and chasing snowballs.
About 2 o’clock, we headed over to Chad’s house to get ready for the Chiefs game. The whole gang was there and food was everywhere (including plenty of veggies for Dub and Bella). Chad has a new Sony 65″ hi-def tv and sound system so it was almost like being there in person. We were cheering so loud at one point that Austin said “I bet it’s louder here than it is at the game.” We all loved every minute of it and even Cal and Keon (who insist “this isn’t real footbol”) got into it. And by-the-way David and I know that having Alexander, Bill S, Jingle, Denny, bw, Kent and Larry cheering along with us was a big help. Thanks, guys!
We know next weeks’ game against the Patriots won’t be easy, but we have lots of confidence in the Chiefs and if Justin Houston and the defense play like they did yesterday, we’ll be fine.

it’s gettin’ cold, dude. Time to break out the long johns!

This afternoon, knowing that some really cold weather is headed our way, we decided to take Dub over to Macy’s to get him some winter clothes. We found some plaid flannel shirts he liked and some sweatshirts, but they didn’t have any long johns his size. So we went to Penny’s and found some thermal sets. When we got home, I wanted him to try the stuff on, so he did. The last two things he tried on were some thermal long-johns and a red and black plaid flannel shirt. They fit fine, so I told him he could take them off and put his regular clothes back on. He said, “I wear these.” And, I said, “Dude… it isn’t that cold yet.” He said, “It’s o.k. I wear these.” So he went around the house all afternoon in tennies, thermal long johns and a flannel shirt. Guess he thought he was being “cool” – or maybe they were just comfortable?

I promised you guys a report on our trip yesterday to Springfield to pick up Dub. David and I got up pretty early and had lots of Saturday chores to do before we could leave. We got the house cleaned, laundry done, grocery shopping and banking completed… and finally headed out at a little after eleven. We got to Springfield about two p.m. When we got to G-ma Annie and G-pa Mick’s house, Dub came running out yelling and grinning from ear-to-ear. He was talking about a million miles an hour – trying to tell us everything he’d been doing – all at once – and hugging us and asking us about the pups… and it was totally crazy for a while. We went in and Dub showed us around the house and his list of chores that he had been doing every day and the five dollars he’d earned. We spent about an hour there – then took Dub and went over to his other grandparents’ house and visited with them while Dub jabbered and kept us all laughing. After that, all of us headed to Pizza House – where we met Annie and Mick and had pizza. I ordered 6 large carry-out pizzas to bring home and freeze and, after we’d eaten, I asked our waiter for the bill. He said it’d already been taken care of. So I asked who had paid. The waiter said he didn’t know, but I could tell from the look on Debbie’s dad’s face that it had been him. After we ate, he asked me if we could go outside and talk for a few minutes. So we went to his car and got in… and there was an awkward silence and he finally said, “You know, my daughter is a very intelligent person.” I agreed. And, he said, “When Angie told me she wanted you and David to raise Dub, I got mad as Hell. I told her that was bullshit and that her mother and I would raise him. He’s our own flesh and blood. But she wouldn’t hear of it… and we had words and she took Dub and left. Later, I told her I was sorry, but I just didn’t understand. Then, this week, Dub spent Wednesday at our house and he was going like a whirlwind and telling us about walking the dogs – and how he loves his two dads – and about his chores and reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and you and “Unca Keon” teaching him to play soccer – and saving for ‘collage’ and, then I understood. You’re the right people to raise a little guy with all that energy… not some crippled-up old farts like his grandma and me.”
I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I said, “Thank you.” It was quiet for a while… and I said, “David and I love Dub. We want to give him the best home any little dude ever had. But we know how important grandparents are – and we want you guys to be a part of his life. You’re welcome at our home anytime… and we’ll be sure he visits you and talks with you on the phone regularly… and that you’re included in every part of his growing up.”
It was quiet then for a while… and he said, “I guess we better get back inside so you and David and Dub can get headed home.” So that’s what we did.
When we’d left Pizza House and the grandparents – and started home, Dub bounced and jabbered for a while… then got in the back seat and slept like a log the rest of the way to Kansas City.
We got home about 9:30 – put Dub to bed (after he and the pups had wrestled and barked and been crazy for a while).
After that, David and I made some drinks and headed to the hot tub. It was a good day… and it’s great having our Dubster home where he belongs.

COLD Weather just ahead. Definitely time to break-out the long johns!

David and I are having a bunch of folks over for Christmas dinner tomorrow afternoon – so we’re really busy today – cleaning house, cooking, etc. We’re making David’s famous “Spaghetti Hot dish,” which is quite a project. Keon and Ricky will be here – along with Kevin and Ethan, Devin and Rob, Kevin’s friend, “Caleb,” our friend “Cam” from SanAntonio, and my Mom and Sister. We invited my brother but he declined because he didn’t want to “Spend Christmas with a bunch of fuckin’ queers.” Oh, well. Anyway, I’m doing today’s and tomorrow’s posts in advance – hoping WordPress cooperates. Hope your Christmas eves are totally wonderful!