It’s another “Friends Friday” – “Who would you do?” mega-post.

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Last week Ben did a “Dudes without razors” post – then a couple of days later, David followed it up with “Dudes with razors.” That got Keon and me thinking about joining pics of shaved and hairy guys and making them into a “Who would you do?”
It kind of works. A bunch of the men in these pics are “trimmed” or “manscaped” but we don’t really mind. Hope you have as much fun with these as we did putting them together.

Lots happening here at the Lake. The furniture, equipment and files “DrC” sent for the new “schoolhouse” got here Wednesday and we all helped with getting everything unloaded and put in place. Ben said he told the kids it was time for “summer vacation” and a break from school. When he did that, he said Dub, Bella and Tra got upset and wanted to know why they had to have a vacation. They wanted to keep having school and the rest of the kids agreed… so they’ve decided to have summer school four days per week (Monday through Thursday) from 9:00 a.m. till noon. We’re really glad they enjoy learning and the shorter days will still give them a break.
We finally got the boats out of storage (also on Wednesday) so we all headed out on the lake Thursday afternoon. The water temp is a delightful 75 degrees so it’s perfect for boating fun on the lake.
Ty and Damien got here Thursday evening and got moved into their new “cabin.” You can’t imagine how happy Austin is to have them here. They brought their huge screen t.v. and popcorn machine and are having the kids over for a “movie night sleepover” tonight. It’s good to have the whole gang together again.
We’ll have a busy Memorial Day weekend with boating, cookouts and celebrating having everyone together. We have American Flags and bunting on all the cabins so we won’t forget the reason for “Memorial Day.” Hope you all have safe, healthy, happy Holiday weekends.
xoxo Rick and Keon

It’s a belated Friday flashback to manscpaping!

Hey, guys… it’s been a while since we posted… but it’s been really busy around here. We hope you’ll excuse our absence. I’ll try to get you up-to-date on what’s been happening, but it’ll take a few days.
To start… we had a wonderful Christmas. Keon, Rick, Caleb, Kerry, Ethan and Kevin were all here with us on Christmas eve. We had snacks and drinks and exchanged gifts. The big guys all got silly, fun gifts, and Dub got lots of presents. His two favorites were from Keon (a new soccer kit) – and from Rick (a live Boston fern houseplant). Dub was a little confused about the fern – but Rick explained to him that it’s a living, breathing plant that needs lots of care including feeding, watering, and attention. Dub is intrigued, to say the least. We made a short evening of it and got to bed early.
Christmas morning, we had gifts from Santa. Dub was thrilled about getting his own I-pad (with suitable parental controls installed). As for gifts, he was more excited about having David and me open the presents he’d gotten us (and the pups) than he was about his own gifts. He got the dogs Kong treats and we laughed and laughed as they worked on getting the treats out of the Kongs. His favorite present from David and me was a gold cross pendant (his first jewelry). David and I had debated about whether he was old enough for a pendant – but finally decided it’d be o.k. if we added “taking it off every night at bedtime” to his “chores” list. After opening gifts, we had a big Christmas brunch, walked the dogs and watched “A Christmas Story” on t.v. Dub loved Ralphie and the story about the Red Ryder air rifle, and we all laughed a lot.
As the afternoon went on, people started arriving and getting ready for the wedding. Rick and Keon got here first (at about 2:30 p.m.) and others arrived after 4:00, as requested.
I’ll tell you all about the wedding tomorrow.
We hope all of you have had wonderful Christmases with friends, family, good food, love and Holiday cheer!