W H O A ! W O O F ! Y U M !

Last week, I was running around on the internet and ran across a pic (#17 here) of a dude that made me go “WHOA”! I think it’s because he bears a certain resemblance to Ben. I don’t remember ever having seen this guy before (maybe Beto will correct me if I’m wrong). Unfortunately, there was just one photo and I wanted to see more of him, so I started searching. I finally found him yesterday evening. His name is “Marcos Gomez” and Chaosmen did a solo set of his pics – plus an “edge” set that has him being sucked off by Ransom. I assume he’s straight (and somewhat modest) because these seem to be the only pics of him on the web? He’s so amazing that I thought he deserved his own post.
I realize this post won’t appeal to everyone – but it sure does it for me – and I’m guessing maybe Beto as well. I ask you… what’s NOT to like about a Latin dude with a beard, hairy chest, perky nips, hairy pits, bluebird (?) tattoo, uncut dick, thick, lush pubes and oh-so-tasty looking hairy balls? WHOA! WOOF! YUM!