Beads, Booze, Boys ‘n Bourbon Street!

Back on Feb. 6th, our buddy (and Requester-in-Chief) “Bill S,” commented, saying:
“Post request!
I was thinking you guys might have fun with a “Mardi Gras!” post …. Be sure to invite FFB to join in. It is his stomping ground, after all!!!
Yes, I’m sure alcohol WILL be involved! SUCH FUN! (February 17, 2015 is Fat Tuesday). Thanks!
So… we contacted our excellent friend “FlipFlopsBoy” and asked if he wanted to do a post with us… and, of course, he did… and he sent a whole bunch of wonderful pics… and, so here you have it…
“Beads. Booze, Boys ‘n Bourbon Street.”
Many thanks – and much, much LOVE to our friend FlipFlopsBoy… and to our buddy “Bill S” – for a great idea!
Just wish we were all on Bourbon Street right now… with a drink one hand and our dick in the other 🙂