Dante and Silas are married dudes now!

This is going to be really long, so please don’t feel obligated to read it. You can always just enjoy the pretty pictures 🙂

From Ben:
And, Oh, what a wonderful wedding it was. Dante and Silas were married Saturday, February 12th at 1:00 p.m. in the Koala Cove clubhouse. Dub handled all the arrangements and David performed the ceremony. Alex was Dante’s best man and I was Silas’. Members of the wedding party wore red neckties and suspenders. All the Table Rock gang – including the kids were there… as were the grandparents, Denise and Scott, Jim and Carol, Dr. “C” and his wife, Silas’ parents and sister, Dante’s father, Nathan and Diana and Ms Evelyn.
Alex, Denise, Carol and several of the guys (and kids) had decorated the clubhouse in white, black and silver with bouquets of red roses. It was beautiful! Following the ceremony we had tons of food and drinks while everyone visited and congratulated the grooms. Travon and Pop-pops took what must have been thousands of pics and will make a “wedding memories” book for the newlyweds. A “chocolate fountain” to dip fresh strawberries in was a big hit with the kids. Dub even tried dipping a piece of celery in the chocolate. I asked him if it was good and he said “celery’s better without chocolate.”
After everyone had filled up on food and drink, the kids were looking for something to do – so Silas’ sister (Sage) picked up a guitar and started playing “She’ll be coming round the mountain.” It’s a favorite of the kids that Silas taught them in music studies. Their favorite part is “Then we’ll all eat purple pizza when she comes.” Everyone joined in and it was lots of fun. After that, Sage played – and she, Silas and Dante sang “Puff the Magic Dragon.” The song was “new” to the kids and, I swear, it was like a religious experience. All in all, it was a perfect wedding and we’re excited to have Dante and Silas as the newest members of our Table Rock gang!
From David:
Ben has done a good job of describing the wedding ceremony and festivities… but I want to tell you about a conversation I had with Dante’s father during the reception. He (Marco) approached me and asked if we could talk. So we took our drinks and went over to Denise and Scott’s house for some privacy. At first, he seemed hesitant to talk but after a while he opened up. He said “I was wrong about you and I owe you people an apology. When Dante told me he was marrying Silas I was pissed. Then he told me about the “Table Rock gang” and that really set me off. I hired a private investigator to check you out and he said you were a “nest of queers.” I got even more upset and told Dante if he married Silas – not only was I not coming to the wedding, I never wanted to see him again. I know I hurt him but I was just so upset. Then, your son started calling me. He said ‘Dante is your only kid so you should be here for his wedding.’ I told him I wasn’t interested. The thing is… Dante’s mother was the love of my life but she got breast cancer and it spread all over her body and she died when he was six years old. I’ve been married twice since then – and divorced twice – so Dante is the only family I’ve got. I wanted him to marry a nice Italian girl and have babies so maybe we’d finally be a real family. Then he tells me he’s gonna marry a dude. I just thought “How fucked up is that?” But Dub kept calling me and telling me about the “Table Rock gang” and about the kids and the school and all that and somehow it didn’t seem that awful. So after he called me the fourth time, I told him I’d come to the wedding. He told me I had to wear a white shirt, red necktie and red suspenders. I said it was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard of. I asked him why red suspenders and he said ‘so your pants won’t fall off.’ I’m telling you, if that kid ever runs for President, he’s got my vote. 🙂 Anyway, I’m here and I see what amazing people you are and how happy your kids are and how many friends you have and now I feel like a total asshole. I don’t know what to do next.”
I helped myself to Scott and Denise’ liquor cabinet… freshened our drinks and said “Here’s what I think you should do. I think you should go ask Dante and Silas to come over here to talk. I think you should tell them exactly what you’ve just told me. You should ask them to understand and forgive you.”
So that’s what he did. Then, they got Travon to take pictures of him with the happy couple and it turned out to really be a perfect wedding. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more and more of Marco as time goes on 🙂

Mea culpa, amicus meus

“Mea culpa, which means “through my fault” in Latin, comes from a prayer of confession in the Catholic Church. Said by itself, it’s an exclamation of apology or remorse that is used to mean “It was my fault” or “I apologize.”
And, apologize I do. On Monday, I posted a set of photos of married dudes wearing their wedding rings. It was a difficult post to put together and I felt confident in the presentation.
After the post, our eagle-eyed friend, Jingle commented, saying:
“I was initially totally baffled by the title of this OUTSTANDING post… Then I quickly realized that each and every one of these awesome dudes is unabashedly wearing a Wedding Ring!! (Well, one exception: crazy HOT #23’s “ring” is actually a tattoo!!)”
To which I responded:
“Babe. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but this dude is actually wearing a wedding ring. He’s a Chaosmen model who is married, and somewhere, I have a set of about 8 or 10 photos of him – with and without the fleshjack. I’ll see if I can find them. If I can, I’ll post ’em.”
And Jingle replied:
“That would be AWESOME!! I wouldn’t mind at all seeing more of him!!… 🙂”
So, I looked and looked and finally found the pics. He is indeed a Chaosmen model named “Trey,” and according to the website, he is married to a female. But, when I look closely, I see that his wedding ring is a tattoo, as Jingle pointed out. (See photos).
My bad. I should know better. Sorry about that, babe 🙂

Happily ever after…

David and I had to go to the lake on Friday to take care of a bunch of business concerning buying the cabin on Table Rock. We had meetings scheduled with a structural inspector, a mechanical inspector, a surveyor, the owner of a local marina and the managing partner of the jointly owned boat dock. We also needed to meet with the sellers’ attorney about some sales contract addenda. It would be a long day, so we made arrangements for Dub to stay at Erik’s house, and then Keon and Rick would come over to be with him and the dogs until we got home. When we told Dub about the plans, he was having none of it. He was determined he was going to the lake with us. We told him it was strictly a business trip and there’d be no swimming or boating or other fun stuff. Didn’t matter. He was determined. He said, “It’s my cabin, too, isn’t it?” David said, “Yes, of course it is.” And Dub said, “Then I need to go.” So, I cancelled with Pam and Rick and we headed out at 6:00 a.m. Dub slept in the backseat most of the way.
We got to the cabin and talked with the surveyor and inspectors (they were well under way when we got there). After that, we met with “Jim” who looks after the dock. He’s an older, retired guy and he and his wife live at the lake year-round. He asked if we had other kids – and when our wives would be coming down to see the cabin. Dub said, “These are my dads. They don’t have wives ’cause they’re married to each other.” Jim just frowned… looked and David and me, and said, “Guess I better show you around.” So, he did – and then we went with him up to their house. Dub kept peppering him with questions like “What’s it like here in Winter?” and “Are there any bears in the woods?” and “Do you have any kids?” and “Do you have a garden?” We got to their house and met Jim’s wife “Carol.” They’ve been married about 40 years… have one grown son who lives in California and a daughter who lives in New York. They don’t have any grandkids, but wish they did. Carol made iced tea and we talked and got acquainted – then we told them we needed to get moving because we needed to meet with the marina owner and the attorney – then we’d come back to make sure the cabin was closed up and everything secured. Jim surprised us by asking Dub if he’d like to stick around with him and Carol while we went to our meetings. Then Dub surprised us by saying, “Sure. If it’s o.k. with my dads.” So, long story short, David and I went and talked with the marina owner about our seller’s boat. He said he sold it to him new 5 years ago and has serviced it every Spring and stored it every Winter. We told him the asking price and he said, “Hell, that motor’s got less than 200 hours on it. If you don’t buy it at that price, I will.” Next, we met with the sellers attorney and reviewed the contract and addenda covering the boat dock and personal property (he wants to leave all the cabin’s furnishings, and that was a surprise). After that, we went back to the cabin. Dub was jabbering away like crazy. He and Jim had looked at the garden and picked some asparagus. Jim laughed and said Dub had scolded him about having too many weeds in the garden. Said they were stealing nutrients from the plants. They’d also gone blackberry picking. Dub showed us his sox and told us about putting sulfur powder in their shoes and around their waistbands so they wouldn’t get chigger bites in the blackberry patch. Carol had made a big blackberry cobbler for us to bring home with us (she told us twice it was in her “good pyrex” and made us promise to bring it back to her).
After that, we headed home. It was a good trip and Dub is thrilled about our new friends at the lake.
We shared the blackberry cobbler with Rick, Keon, Alex and Cal when we got home and it may be the best thing we’ve ever eaten. We’ll be sure to return Carol’s pyrex 🙂