“Unruly redux”

When we were putting the pics together for Tim’s “First time” post request, I found myself looking around in some of David’s old “Unruly” folders. These go back, maybe 4 or 5 blogs that were deleted by Blogger and other sites. Some are from “unrulydude” blogs and two are from “unrulyboi” which he tells me was his first blog. Anyway there’s some amazing stuff in them. So, I picked some I especially like and am calling this “unruly redux”. None of these are “new” pics – and many of you have already seen all or most of ’em. I just thought it was a fun “blast from the past” – and since Chad had asked us to do a post for him to “tag on” to, here it is.

Hey, all. It’s Chad with a “Matty update.” Our attorney called last week and said the State people “had to do” an in-home inspection before they could submit their adoption recommendation to the Court. They came down on the Tuesday before the big move. We had told them about our concern with people coming here because of the pandemic… and, I have to say they were champs about it. When they got here, they got out of their car, put on tyvek coveralls, masks and plastic head covers. When they got to the front door they pulled on gloves and put covers on their shoes. When they came into the house, Matty looked at them and said “You look funny.” The lady chuckled and said “Well, we feel kinda funny… but we want to make sure we don’t do anything to hurt you.” So, Matty showed them his room and got them acquainted with “Bud” and they talked for an hour or so. Then we talked with them for a few minutes and they left. Our attorney called on Wednesday (while we were moving) and told us she’d talked with the Dept. of Social Services and they were making a positive recommendation to the court. Anyway, we didn’t have to go to K.C. (because of CoVid) and, instead, we “Skyped” with the Judge and our attorney. The judge told us she’d reviewed the State’s recommendation and was pleased with it. She talked with Matty and us for about five minutes and signed the adoption paperwork. So it’s a “done deal” and Raef and I are officially Matty’s parents now. We’re having a big 4th of July party to celebrate Matty’s new permanent home and our Country’s independence. Here’s a big “THANK YOU” for your thoughts and prayers as we’ve gone through this process. xoxo Chad, Raef and Matty

Barefoot boys with cheeks of…

We’ve done tons of “holes ‘n soles” posts over the years, but maybe not one where all the dudes still had all the natural hair “God gave ’em”. So, here are a bunch of boys who either don’t own razors – or at least don’t use them on their butt hair. YUM!

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. I saw on the “sneakers” post, that “bw,” “Denny” and “Kent” all mentioned Matty and wanted to know how he’s doing. The short answer is he’s doing fine. It’s been a little over three months since Rafe and I started “fostering” him and it’s been a whirlwind. The wedding… and moving to Table Rock… and the pandemic… and leasing a new house… and getting a new “schoolhouse”… and learning new languages…and so much more. If you think about how all this has impacted out little guy, it’s mind-blowing. We’re so proud of him and the way he’s adapted and he always has one of the greatest smiles God ever put on a kid’s face.
Last week, our attorney called and asked if we wanted to adopt “Mateo.” We said, “Of course” but we haven’t been fostering him all that long and don’t know how the State people would feel about that. Our attorney said she thought this might be the perfect time to file for adoption. She said Covid-19 has resulted in a “real mess” in the Department of Social Services and she thinks they’re trying to “work through foster cases” as rapidly as possible. So, we filed all the paperwork and we’re waiting to hear from the DSS. Our attorney says it may be several weeks before we get an answer, but she’ll stay on top of it. Raef and I are excited about the possibility of being “real parents” – and maybe a little scared too. We’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers! xoxo Chad and Raef

…this little piggy…

Hey, guys. It’s Alex. I had some things I wanted to tell you, so I sent David and Ben a text and asked them if they’d do a post for me to “tag on” to. David texted back and said “How about a post subject?” So I told him I’d love a “toes” post if he could put one together. About 3 hours later, I got a text saying: “this little piggy” is waiting for your tag.” Thank you, David!
Since Mothers Day is tomorrow, I want to tell you about my candidates for “Mother of the year.” First, of course, there’s Carol. She’s a saint and all the guys – and kids – sort of think of her as “Mom.” Whether she’s cooking for us… or cleaning our cabins… or just being a good listener… there’s never been a sweeter lady. Then, there’s Denise. A perfect Mom for Cal and me… and a great “grams” for Bella, Chance and the rest of the kids. Then, there’s Roberta, and the “grands” and now “Jeanette”. But, honestly, my award goes to Bella. She “adopted” Chance the minute she saw him and even though he’s taller than her, she watches after and cares for him just like she’s his Mom. Then, when Matty came on the scene, she did the same for him. She’s taken responsibility for teaching him English – and God help anyone who messes with him. She’s our daughter and Cal and I don’t even pretend to be objective, but she’s a princess and gets our M.O.T.Y. award 🙂
On another subject, Denise, Scott and I closed on the purchase of the fishing camp last week and we’re already underway. We needed to get rid of the furniture, appliances and kitchen and bath cabinets, so Jim contacted a minister he knows. His is a really big Church that does a lot of charitable work. They came and looked, and are taking all the appliances and furniture. They appear to be good people and will put the stuff to good use. Also, we’ll get a nice tax deduction. We still need to find a home for the cabinets because they’re too good to trash, but we’re working on that. As soon as we get everything out, we’ll move the crews in and start stripping the interiors down to bare studs. Our engineering firm has been working on the drawings, specs, environmental impact study, etc., and should have everything ready for submission within 2 to 3 weeks. It’s going to be a very special little villa community. We’ll keep you posted.
We remain “self-quarantined” here at Table Rock – and happy as clams. We do hope to go back home and resume “normal life,” as soon as possible… but for now… all is well.
We wish all of you a happy Mothers Day – whether you’re able to be with your Mom or remembering her and the love she shared with you. xoxo Alex and Cal