Butts. butts. butts. butts. Yummy butts. butts. butts!

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. And it’s time to bring you up-to-date on Alyssa’s adoption.
Raef and I (and our attorney) met with Ms. Evelyn and her attorney last Monday morning. It was an excellent meeting. Essentially, she said she was ready to go forward with the adoption if we were. We told her we were. She said as far as she’s concerned, the adoption will be final. She wasn’t asking for joint custody or mandatory visitations. She said she would “love to be involved in our family – in some small way – but only if Alyssa, Matty, Raef and I want her to be.” She said she hoped we might invite her to our house for a birthday party or Holiday sometime.
Her attorney told us that Ms. Evelyn had set up “irrevocable trusts” for both Alyssa and Matty “that will be sufficient to pay their education expenses through college… and provide money to get them started in life.” Raef and I were stunned – and simply said “Thank you.”
Evelyn asked us if we had discussed the adoption with Alyssa. We told her we had talked about it briefly but had told her it would all depend on the lawyers and the Court. Evelyn smiled and said “Then, I think you’d better ask her if she’d like to become part of your family.”
After the meeting, Raef and I stopped at Pandora Jewelers and bought a bracelet with four engraved charms. One each saying “Raef”, “Chad”, “Alyssa”, and “Matty”. Then, after school, the four of us got together at our house. Raef, Matty and I all got on one knee in front of Alyssa and Raef said “Alyssa, will you be my daughter?” She smiled and said “YES”! Then I said “Alyssa, will you be my daughter?” She squealed and said “YES”! Then Matty said “Alyssa, will you be my sister?” At that, a tear ran down her cheek and she said “Yes. Matty. I’ll be your sister.” It was a moment none of us will ever forget.
With our attorney at our side, we went before the Juvenile Court on Friday morning. The Judge reviewed the paperwork and asked Alyssa if she understood what adoption meant – and if she wanted to become a permanent part of our family. She said “Yes. Your honor. I want that very much.” The whole thing took about ten minutes and afterward we picked up food at “Sugar Leaf Bakery” and took it home for our first lunch together as a family.
We’ll get with David, Ben and the gang and plan a big celebration in the near future. Right now, we’re just grateful for our good fortune – and happy to be a family.
Love you guys. Chad, Raef, Matty and Alyssa.

“Unruly redux”

When we were putting the pics together for Tim’s “First time” post request, I found myself looking around in some of David’s old “Unruly” folders. These go back, maybe 4 or 5 blogs that were deleted by Blogger and other sites. Some are from “unrulydude” blogs and two are from “unrulyboi” which he tells me was his first blog. Anyway there’s some amazing stuff in them. So, I picked some I especially like and am calling this “unruly redux”. None of these are “new” pics – and many of you have already seen all or most of ’em. I just thought it was a fun “blast from the past” – and since Chad had asked us to do a post for him to “tag on” to, here it is.

Hey, all. It’s Chad with a “Matty update.” Our attorney called last week and said the State people “had to do” an in-home inspection before they could submit their adoption recommendation to the Court. They came down on the Tuesday before the big move. We had told them about our concern with people coming here because of the pandemic… and, I have to say they were champs about it. When they got here, they got out of their car, put on tyvek coveralls, masks and plastic head covers. When they got to the front door they pulled on gloves and put covers on their shoes. When they came into the house, Matty looked at them and said “You look funny.” The lady chuckled and said “Well, we feel kinda funny… but we want to make sure we don’t do anything to hurt you.” So, Matty showed them his room and got them acquainted with “Bud” and they talked for an hour or so. Then we talked with them for a few minutes and they left. Our attorney called on Wednesday (while we were moving) and told us she’d talked with the Dept. of Social Services and they were making a positive recommendation to the court. Anyway, we didn’t have to go to K.C. (because of CoVid) and, instead, we “Skyped” with the Judge and our attorney. The judge told us she’d reviewed the State’s recommendation and was pleased with it. She talked with Matty and us for about five minutes and signed the adoption paperwork. So it’s a “done deal” and Raef and I are officially Matty’s parents now. We’re having a big 4th of July party to celebrate Matty’s new permanent home and our Country’s independence. Here’s a big “THANK YOU” for your thoughts and prayers as we’ve gone through this process. xoxo Chad, Raef and Matty

Barefoot boys with cheeks of…

We’ve done tons of “holes ‘n soles” posts over the years, but maybe not one where all the dudes still had all the natural hair “God gave ’em”. So, here are a bunch of boys who either don’t own razors – or at least don’t use them on their butt hair. YUM!

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. I saw on the “sneakers” post, that “bw,” “Denny” and “Kent” all mentioned Matty and wanted to know how he’s doing. The short answer is he’s doing fine. It’s been a little over three months since Rafe and I started “fostering” him and it’s been a whirlwind. The wedding… and moving to Table Rock… and the pandemic… and leasing a new house… and getting a new “schoolhouse”… and learning new languages…and so much more. If you think about how all this has impacted out little guy, it’s mind-blowing. We’re so proud of him and the way he’s adapted and he always has one of the greatest smiles God ever put on a kid’s face.
Last week, our attorney called and asked if we wanted to adopt “Mateo.” We said, “Of course” but we haven’t been fostering him all that long and don’t know how the State people would feel about that. Our attorney said she thought this might be the perfect time to file for adoption. She said Covid-19 has resulted in a “real mess” in the Department of Social Services and she thinks they’re trying to “work through foster cases” as rapidly as possible. So, we filed all the paperwork and we’re waiting to hear from the DSS. Our attorney says it may be several weeks before we get an answer, but she’ll stay on top of it. Raef and I are excited about the possibility of being “real parents” – and maybe a little scared too. We’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers! xoxo Chad and Raef