“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of boys and trash – and puppy poop – and whether pigs have wings.”

We had an e-mail a couple of days ago from our excellent friend (and URD’s Commenter-in-Chief) “Jingle,” saying:
“Hi Babe!!
Random pic I stumbled upon while wandering the Internet!!
I think it’s a hoot!! And wouldn’t it go nicely in a future Trash post?!?!
Love you, brother!!”
It’s pic #1 in this post and it most definitely IS a hoot! One of the best “trash” pics we’ve ever seen. Thanks, babe. We love you! David (and Ben).

This may fall under the heading of “too much information,” but you guys are family and we want to tell you about a problem with Travon’s new puppy “Max.” As we told you, Keon, Rick and Travon came over to our house to meet Max last Friday – and ended up taking him home with them. He seems very happy in his new home and his new family is crazy about him… but there was one problem. Max wouldn’t poop. Not on Friday – or Saturday – or Sunday. By Monday, Rick was convinced they needed to take him to a vet to find out what the problem was. Keon said he was o.k. taking him to the vet – but wanted to talk to Dub about it first. He said “Dub talks to plants and animals and maybe he can figure it out.” So he called Dub and they talked. Dub thought about it for a while and finally said “Prolly need to take him over to his old home. Maybe he’s confused about that.” So, Keon, Rick, Travon and Dub took Max over to Dr. G’s father’s house. They said when they got there, Max wandered around the back yard for a couple of minutes – then when to a raised, river-rocked area in a back corner of the yard and took a big poop. Then he wandered around the yard some more and went back to his “special area” and pooped two more times. Apparently Max had been trained to only poop in his designated “doggie bathroom” and didn’t know what to do when he’d been moved away. Long story (mercifully) short, Rick and Alex got some landscape timbers and river rock and made Max a “poop place” at the back of their yard. At Dub’s suggestion, they even brought over a couple of buckets of river rock from Max’s old place so he’d sniff it and catch on. Word is, Max is happy with his new “poop place” and is using it regularly.
Ben and I are constantly amazed by Dub. We have no idea what the future holds for him, but whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be very special.

It’s a “Friends Friday” WHOA – as we welcome our new family member!

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Keon and I have done a lot of “Friends Friday” posts – but this is our first shot at a “WHOA” post. We both have “Whoa” folders (and we wanted to tell you about the latest addition to our family) so we pulled some pics out of the folders, and this is the result. There are almost certainly some pics here that David and Ben have posted before, but we hope at least some of these will cause you to say “WHOA”!

Ben got a call last Thursday from his Dentist. Actually, “Dr. G” is the dentist for the entire Northland gang. Anyway, he called Ben and wondered if they could “get together for a drink after work.” Ben said “Sure” and suggested Dr. G stop by their house.
Dr. G went to David and Ben’s place and they made some drinks and headed out to the patio to talk. Here’s a summary:
-Dr. G’s mother had stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to her lungs, lymph system and brain. She passed away last November.
-Since Dr. G’s father was alone then, he (Dr. G) decided to surprise him with a puppy for Christmas. He got him a “1st generation miniature golden doodle.” He’s the offspring of an English golden retriever male and a miniature poodle female. The breeder told him the pup was whelped in October, so it was 12 weeks old when Dr. G picked it up. He gave him to his dad (who he said was absolutely delighted) and he named him “Max.”
-Dr. G’s father had a severe stroke last week. He’s still in the hospital and will move to a rehab center in about two weeks. He has brain damage – is paralyzed on his left side and can’t talk. The prognosis is for an extended period of rehab and the doctors say he may not regain his ability to walk and talk. That leaves Max without a home.
-Dr. G said he couldn’t take Max because he and his wife live on a (fenced) acreage and have 3 rottweiler guard dogs (2 females and a male). He said, “The “rotties” are sweet dogs and we love them… but frankly, I’m pretty sure the’d kill Max if we took him home. Max has been living alone since the stroke, with Dr. G and/or his wife going by twice every day to care for him.
-Max needs a new home and Dr. G called Ben because he knew he and Dub volunteer at “Wayside Waifs” and he wants Max to have “not just a good home, but the best home any dog could possibly have.” He’s almost 9 months old now. He’s house trained, leash trained, crate trained and doggie door trained. Dr. G says he’s the smartest dog he’s ever seen.
David and Ben suggested they go get Max and bring him to their house until a good home could be found. They said Dr. G just smiled and said that was exactly what he’d hoped they’d do.
So, David, Ben and Dub went and got Max and brought him to their house. They said their dogs did a lot of barking – but Max didn’t seem to mind.
-Friday morning, Ben called Keon and told him about Max. Said Dub wanted us to meet him – and asked if we wanted to come over. Keon, Travon and I and went over to their place for lunch. I think it was a set-up deal. The minute we saw Max, we all fell in love with him – and I think he knew he’d already found his new home. We asked Travon if he wanted Max to be his new puppy. He said “Ummm. what about Muff?” We all laughed and told him we thought he could have two pups. Max and Muff.
-The only problem was… we didn’t have a fenced yard. Our home is in an “older section” of Platte Woods and when it was built, most houses had chain-link fences if they had any fence at all. With a whole bunch of help from Alex and Cal, we’ve completely re-done the interior, but we didn’t have a fenced yard. Ben said that wasn’t a problem. We’d build one.
-Saturday morning, the entire Northland 12, plus Scott and Denise showed up at our house. We sketched out the fenced yard and started digging post holes. By evening, we had the posts set in concrete. On Sunday, we put in the gates and stretched the chain-link. While we were doing that, Dr. G and his wife stopped by. They were smiling and Dr. G said “This makes us very happy. It’s exactly what we’d hoped for. With all this love, it’s not just a good home, but the best home any dog could possibly have.”
So, that’s what’s new here. And it seems like maybe Dennie figured it out even before Keon and I did. The last time I looked in Travon’s room, he and Muff and Max were all curled up in bed fast asleep. We’ll have to make some rules – when we get around to it 🙂