Dude. Would you like it “ultra soft” or “ultra strong”?

Our buddy “Jingle” sent us a pic (#1 here) a few days ago. When we saw it, we laughed our butts off. Then, he sent another e-mail saying he and “Bill s” thought we should post it. We couldn’t agree more. So, that got us thinking about toilet paper – and wondering if we could do an entire post on the subject (it seems to be a “precious commodity” these days). Here’s the result. We hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe LYAO. Cheers!

Here’s something interesting. We’ve mentioned before that Scott, Denise, Cal, Alex and Raef have all been self-quarantined in cabins over at the fishing lodge where Chad and Raef normally stay when they’re here at the Lake. Their 14-day quarantine ends tomorrow and they’re all doing well with zero signs of illness. We’re planning a big Palm Sunday brunch for the whole (reunited) gang here on Sunday (the kids still don’t know).
We’ve been “Zooming” with them every day and here’s what they’ve been doing. It seems the owners of the fishing lodge had mentioned to Scott and Denise they really needed to sell the place. It’s a single family home – plus twelve mostly identical 2-bedroom, 2-bath cabins. Long story short, the owners had had an appraisal done a couple of years ago and thought about putting it on the market, but decided against it. Now, the wife is in failing health and really wants to move back home to Wichita to be near their family. Anyway, they shot Scott and Denise a (really low) price – and they talked with Alex and decided to buy it. The paperwork is under way and they’ll close on the purchase “within 3 to 4 weeks.” The plan is to turn the camp into 13 individual luxury townhomes- 12 of which they’ll sell to “people they know who have money.” Scott and Denise will own the owners’ house themselves. They’re planning to call them “The villas at Koala Cove.” Chad and Raef have already picked the one they’re going to buy. During our “Zoom” sessions, Alex has shown us some of the sketches he’s been doing. They’ll put on new roofs and energy-efficient windows and strip the interiors to the studs and start over. The sketches show beautiful interiors with lots of stainless steel, granite and wood flooring. It’ll be a huge project but Alex is “totally pumped” about it. The camp is about 25 minutes from our cabins by road, or 10-15 minutes by boat.
When we were “zooming” Scott said “It’s my fault. I knew if Denise and Alex spent 14 days together they’d find some kind of trouble to get into.” 🙂

Measuring Up!

We had a comment from our buddy “Beto” on Wednesday, saying:
“A new idea, which could go well as a trash post, I don’t know: guys “measuring” their cocks with all sorts of objects and even other guys’ cocks — yeah, more like comparing the size (or girth) in order to show off. Maybe some will actually use measuring tapes or rulers to prove their point. ?”
David actually did a “dick measuring” post on “BadAssBoys” – way back when… so I took some of those pics and added some new ones to come up with these. I guess you’d say it’s “sort of” a “Friday flashback.”
Hope these big boys fuel your fantasies, guys!