One day in the park.

We had a comment from our friend,”Denny” saying:
“This question is for David: Now that we know what a handsome devil YOU are, I’ve been looking back thru the tags for the post of your description of Ben when you first met him in the park. I just can’t find it. I’m thinking it was about this time in 2013? Can you help me out here? I want to take a trip down URD memory lane. Just call me a sentimental fool 🙂 I’m betting a lot of your friends out here would enjoy re-reading that too. Thanks, Guys!!”

The post Denny is referring to was on November 16, 2013. I admit that I go back and look at it myself from time-to-time. It’s really not possible for me to comprehend what’s happened in the last 21 months 🙂 Here’s the text of the post:
“So, after picking up on my buddy “Jingle’s” idea of going to the park yesterday, that’s what I did. Pretty day. Little cool… but sunny and pretty. I walked and jogged the trails… and saw 3 guys tossing a football (figured they were Park Univ. students). Found myself staring at one of ’em… and made eye contact a couple of times. Pretty soon, the other two took the football and left, so I looked at the boy and walked behind a copse of cedars over by the railroad tracks. A couple of minutes later he joined me. Hairy arms, scruffy face… jeans, tee shirt, dirty sneaks, nervous. Cute as Hell. I stepped over and put my hand on his crotch. He didn’t object, so I undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. AE boxer trunks. Pulled them down too, and his dick popped up. Figured it was about 6 1/2 or 7 inches hard. Great pubes. Hairy lower belly and legs. Dropped to my knees and started suckin’. Realized he wouldn’t last long… slowed up… licked his balls… he was shakin’ like crazy. Got back on his dick just in time to swallow it as he pumped his load down by throat. He backed up… pulled up his shorts and jeans and buckled his belt. But didn’t leave… just stood there lookin’ at me. I said, “you o.k.?” and he said, “what’s it like?” “You mean suckin’ dick?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Just about the best thing in the world.” I said. “What’s it taste like?” he asked. “Cum.” I replied. “You come here much?” he asked. “Yeah, sometimes,” I said. “Think you’ll be here next Friday?” he asked. “About 2 o’clock,” I said. “My name’s Ben” he said. “I’m David,” I answered. He stuck his hand out and we shook. First time I ever shook a dude’s hand after I sucked his dick. He asked, “what if it’s rainin’ or snowin’ next Friday?” “I’ve got a car,” I said. “Even has a heater.” He flashed me a big grin and left. I think I have a date for next Friday. I think “Ben” wants to try suckin’ dick. THANK YOU, Jingle!”