Happy Memorial Day!

After a morning out on the lake swimming, skiing and wake boarding, we came back for a quick lunch before resuming “The Great Table Rock Horseshoe Pitching Contest.” It’s a two-day, double-elimination, round-robin affair with “seniors” and “juniors” divisions. Surprisingly, Keon is leading the seniors division – and somewhat less surprisingly Austin leads the juniors with Dub in hot pursuit.
We’ll have a big outdoor dinner in Rick and Keon’s rock garden this evening with BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs and, of course hand-crank ice cream. There’ll be some very tired kids tonight 🙂
We hope Memorial Day finds you safe, healthy and having fun – as we remember the sacrifices made for all of us by the brave men and women of our armed services.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hey, guys. I’m doing this post on Thursday evening – and “pre-posting” it for Saturday. Hope the WordPress Gods co-operate. 🙂
David, Dub, the dogs and I will head to the lake Friday morning after the “closing ceremony” at school. Rick, Keon, Travon and Max are going down on Thursday and meeting Cal and Alex there to start planning renovations to the new cabin.
The week-end weather forecast for Table Rock is actually quite good. Saturday is supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny… Sunday warm with a few scattered thunderstorms… and Monday partly sunny and warm. We’ll take that! The entire gang will be there. Denise, Scott, Ty and Demien have condo reservations and the rest of us will pile into our cabins. Keon, Rick and Travon are planning to “rough it” in the new cabin even though they haven’t done any redecorating or anything yet. Dub, Austin and Travon are excited about wake boarding, which should be o.k. with a projected water temp of 75 degrees.
We hope all of you have healthy, happy, SAFE holiday weekends. Please join us in remembering the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our Country!
We’ll give you a full report when we get back home. xoxo Ben and David

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial day holiday!

While we’re eating burgers and drinking beer and generally having a great time, let’s never forget the reason for the Holiday.
“Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.”

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m pre-posting this because we’ll be spending the weekend at our cabin at Table Rock. School is over for the year – David is home from California – and we’re all looking forward to a relaxing long weekend at the lake. We’ll give you a full report after we get back on Monday evening. In the mean-time, Cal and Alex tell me they have a whole bunch of videos they’ll be posting (from their i-phones) over the weekend.
We hope all of you will have a safe, happy Holiday weekend. xoxo
Ben and David