It’s a “Friends Friday” look at the photo genius of Michael Bidner.

Hey guys. It’s Rick. This week we’re featuring the photos of Michael Bidner. Keon and I think it’s some of the hottest gay art photography ever created. Here’s some biographical info we found on him:
“Michael Bidner (1944-1989), Canadian graphic artist and painter, is noted for his use of xerox and microfilm technology. Bidner’s interest in reproduced imagery complimented his involvement with mail art. In 1972, he founded Cloud Productions, a mail art style artist publication project in Vancouver, B.C. His last project involved the complete cataloguing and exhibition of his own large collection of mail art artist stamps (artistamps). The project was completed posthumously, as a tribute, after Bidner died of AIDS in 1989. Bidner exhibited works on an ongoing basis and participated in various community arts projects and art education endeavours. He briefly taught art at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario (1973). Over the course of his career, he corresponded with art institutions, artists, and friends.”
We hope you enjoy these pics as much as we do.

It’s really late tonight and I’m REALLY tired. It’s been an unbelievable week. Keon and I became foster parents last Monday and it’s been all we could handle for the past five days. Briefly, we’re fostering a 5 year-old black boy named Travon (prn “Tray-Von). He’s the same age as Dub but about a head shorter. The social worker said we were her third choice as a placement, but the first two prospective foster parents had turned him down. He has a lot of problems that we’ll tell you about later. Suffice to say we’re learning about the challenges of being foster parents.
Love you,
Rick and Keon