How we’re feeling about yesterday’s post comments.

Thanks, guys. We love you! xoxo David and Ben

… and, BTW, here’s a link to a video to go along with some of yesterday’s comments:

The Original Mikey

Yesterday, we posted a pic of a cute little munchkin that Ben and I have been slobbering over the last few days – and our buddy “bw” commented, saying:
“For once I can be useful – I recognize NO 1 – he’s Mikey and he loves to post nekid pictures of himself. His Tumblr page gets deleted often, but right now its working: ‘”.
So, of course we looked at (and book-marked) his blog and had fun looking at all the pics of this awesome little fucker. This small post is the set of pics that go with the one we posted yesterday. Now – bw – about your comment “For once I can be useful”: The fact is that you’re one of the most important parts of this blog. The knowledge you’ve shared with us over time has been priceless – as are your comments and friendship. We love you, babe!