Dude. Let us give you a hand with that!

Hey, guys. it’s Cal. This morning, I texted David asking if he could do a post for me to “tag-on” to. He said “Sure” and texted me back in less than a hour saying “You’re all set to go.” Wow. That was fast!
Here’s an update on Chance’s cochlear implant. We went to his Doctors for an evaluation and to have the implant turned on last Friday. His medical team was very pleased with his progress. Roberta and Dub spent the weekend with us working with him – saying words while signing them and having him repeat them. It’s hard work but they managed to make a game out of it, and Chance is a fast learner. Then, Roberta has been with him at school all week continuing the process – and Alex, Bella and I have been continuing it in the evenings. He’s a real “trooper” and we’re already seeing good progress.
Yesterday evening when I got home, Alex and Bella were in the kitchen making dinner and Chance was in his room playing a video game. I went to the doorway and said “Hey, Chance.” He had his back to me and was looking at his I-pad screen, but he immediately said “Hey, Dad.” I just stood there dumbfounded, and then he turned around and flashed me one of his huge, electric smiles. We had both just realized that not only did he hear me but he actually recognized my voice. I grabbed him in a big hug and felt tears running down my cheeks while we were both laughing.
We still have a long way to go, but his progress is amazing and we’re absolutely thrilled. He’s a sweet kid and we’re all just so proud of him!
On another topic, My Mum and Dad left for Australia on Monday. They still own property down there and so-far it’s been spared from the fires, but they felt they needed to be there. Knowing my Mum as I do (and how she feels about her “grand-babes”) I’m thinking it’ll probably be a short trip. We’re all sending our love and prayers to the people of Australia (and the animals). I’m afraid “climate change” is occurring faster than anyone thought it would.
xoxo Cal and Alex

Dude. Let me give you a “hand” with that…

Dudes! Why so modest?

Normally, we just post photos and let you guys take your pick… but, today, we’re making an exception. #48 is a dude we’re reserving for Denny and Dave to take with them on their next trip to Provincetown. A little ball of fur for our boys to take along to make their vacation memorable. Bon appetite, guys!

We’ve been really busy this afternoon/evening. Cleaning house and getting ready for Dub’s big birthday bash on Saturday. Rick and Alex came by and brought a bunch of 2 x 12 pressure-treated boards. They built a 16′ x 20′ box on the upper level of our back yard. It’s for a raised bed planting area, and is their birthday gift for Dub. They’re bringing dirt and horse manure to fill it tomorrow. Dub kept asking them what they were building and all they would say was “It’s a “rabbit trap.” Said when it’s finished we’ll be able to catch rabbits – then we can skin ’em and cook ’em for dinner. Dub just listened and said, “Nuh..uuh,” but no one would tell him what they’re really building.
David has been making pizza dough tonight. He’s made 30 balls of dough so everyone can make their own pizza on Saturday. We’ll have sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon and tons of veggies for toppings… and, of course, a HUGE salad and lots of vino. We don’t know how many will be here – but we’re betting 20 or more.
We’re excited to see how many cards Dub will get. Of course, we haven’t told him about the “card palooza,” so we know he’ll be excited when the mail starts coming.
We’re tired tonight. But it’s a good tired.