Happy birthday dear Brad… Happy birthday to you!

Tomorrow, September 22nd is Brad’s birthday… and we’re celebrating with some head-to-toe and kitten three-ways. Brad has been a dear friend for a long time and we want to take this occasion to wish him, his “Mr.” of 18 years and their new friend “Yaris” all the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, babe – and every best wish for your birthday and a happy, healthy UNRULY future! Love you,
Ben and David

Dude. Time for some more three-ways!

Our friend, Brad started this some time ago, saying (in part):
“I agree with Bill S that some photos look better in monochrome! (I wonder if David and Ben would consider doing a post pairing the same photos in color and in monochrome?”
Since then, we’ve done several “mono three-way” posts… and they’ve become one of our absolute favorites. Of course, since it’s Brad’s post suggestion, we’re including some “head-to-toe naked” dudes by way of saying “Thank you”!

Any time is a good time for a three-way!