It’s yet another “Friends Friday” look at the work of an amazing gay artist!

Well, guys, it’s Rick, and it’s Friday, so it must be time for another “Friends Friday” post. This week, I went on quite a “journey” in search of the work of a particular artist. I’ve had the first pic in this post in my “favorite gay art” folder for a long time, and it’s a BIG favorite – so I went searching for more work by the artist, and information about him. First, I enlarged the pic, like 5x to get the artist’s name… then, I started entering it in search engines. I finally came up with a web site:
It’s the artists’ Tumblr and has most of the pics in this post. I don’t understand the name “Mou5eLee,” and haven’t been able to find anything in the way of biographical information on him. I did see a comment somewhere stating flatly that he’s “straight.” Really? Seriously? Are you telling me the guy who did these drawings, sketches and watercolors is “STRAIGHT”?
Anyway (his sexual orientation aside) I love the dude’s work and hope you enjoy it as much as Keon and I do. “See” you next week. xoxo Rick and Keon.