Check it out, dude. “Man buns”!

After having “mis-understood” “ray’s” request for “buns” we’re finally getting our error corrected. As Ben said… “I guess it could have been worse, we could have posted pics of hamburger buns, hot cross buns, honey buns, sticky buns, etc.”
We realize some of these pics aren’t strictly “man buns” but maybe “pony tails” or whatever. In any case, we’re pretty sure they’re closer to what “ray” had in mind.
On another subject, we’ve been missing “Jingle’s” post analyses. We’re wondering if we need to start a “Gofundme” page to replace his busted old chromebook 🙂
And on yet another subject, the entire Northland gang gathered yesterday at Ty and Damien’s house to watch the Super Bowl in their media room. We had food and drinks and good company but thought the game was about as boring as an athletic contest could possibly be. We watched the first half and the half-time show and, as the second half started, Austin said “Do we really have to watch this?” Damien said “Austin, We have guests. Don’t be rude.” That’s when Keon said “I agree with Austin. There must be something else we can watch?” Austin absolutely beamed and said “Yeah. We could watch ‘Hotel Transylvania!” The kids all cheered. So that’s what we did. It’s a wonderful kids movie – and I know the adults enjoyed it a whole lot more than watching Belicheck’s “deflated balls.”

Check it out, dude. Muddog selfies!

It’s been WAY TOO LONG since we had a “muddogs” post – and we’ve been missing our own, original “muddog,” Jimmy. You still out there in cyberland, babe? We love you!