Dude. Check out these butt naked muddogs!

A couple of weeks ago, Jingle commented: “At the risk of pushing the envelope, how about a collection of Butt/Buck Naked Muddogs?!?!… 🙂”
We thought it was a great idea, so here you have it. Hope you guys like the thought of running your fingers through these dudes’ lush, long hair!
If I’m correct, this is the 14th in our series of “buck/butt naked” posts. So far, we’ve had blondes, black haired bois, hooded warriors, skinless weiners, black bois, ginger bois, smiles, twinks, otters, Asian bois, bald bois, Latino bois, flexing bois and now, muddogs. Beto has requested (and supplied a bunch of pics for) “butt naked water babes,” so that’ll be next. If you have suggestions let us know. Obviously we’re having fun with these 🙂 David

Hey, it’s Ben. We had a wonderful Christmas here at the lake and I could probably write dozens of pages about it. I’ll try to keep it short.
The grandparents arrived early and we got started on Covid testing. Bella and Alyssa checked everyones temperature while Dub and Chance administered “at home covid tests”. Happily, everyone tested negative and the celebration began. We started by going around the cabins to see everyones Christmas tree. There were 17 trees in total and they were awesome. Keeping it short, I’ll only describe the kids trees. The first one we saw was Austin’s. It was white (with red and gold lights) and covered with red and gold KC Chiefs ornaments (many of which he made himself). It was a clever idea, executed well! Next, we went to see Chance and Bella’s trees. Chance’s had multi-colored lights and hand-made “Merry Christmas” ornaments in many languages. There was Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weinachten, Buon Natale, Feliz Natal, God Juli and lots more. Cal told us it was entirely Chance’s idea and that neither he nor Alex saw it until Christmas eve. Chance told us he wants to “go to all those countries someday.” The branches of Bella’s tree were tipped in silver and it had all clear lights. The tree was covered with Angels made of nylon covered in aluminum (like birthday balloons) and the breeze from the nearby ceiling fan made them look like they were flying. Alex admitted that he helped her make the first Angel and they were absolutely beautiful! We next went to see Travon’s tree. It had red lights and he had made red felt-framed photos of the entire lake population plus the grands and dogs. There must have been at least a hundred photos – and he insisted that we each pick one and take it with us. He’s a terrific kid and his tree was awesome! After that, we went to see Matty and Alyssa’s trees. Alyssa’s had multi-colored lights and little hand-made snowmen. They were made with styrofoam balls and she had hand-painted each of them. It was fun and colorful. Matty’s tree was small and also had multi-colored lights. For ornaments, he used crappie jigs in every imaginable color. The ones on the lower branches were enclosed in little zip-lock bags so if the dogs got curious they wouldn’t get stuck by the hooks. It was clever and fun. The last tree we saw was Dub’s. Neither David nor I had seen it before Christmas morning. The tree is a small, live white pine that Dub said he and Buzz found one day in the woods behind Ty and Damien’s house. He said he got Jim to help him dig it up and put it in a plastic pot. The tree was decorated with pine cones, acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts and pecans – all lightly tipped with gold paint. There were no lights – just a “grow light” hung above it, giving it a soft, natural glow. Dub say he wants to plant it outside our kitchen window so we can watch it grow.
The trees are wonderful – and will become a Christmas tradition, I’m sure.
After seeing all the trees, we headed over to Koala cove for the Christmas celebration. There was an unbelievable amount of food (and drink) – time to visit with the grands – the gift zip-line – games – and good cheer. We’re indeed fortunate and are so happy to have had at least one carefree, covid-less day with family and friends. David and I hope that all of you had safe, healthy, fun, covid-free Christmases with good food, friends and family. We love you! Ben and David

Check it out, dude. “Man buns”!

After having “mis-understood” “ray’s” request for “buns” we’re finally getting our error corrected. As Ben said… “I guess it could have been worse, we could have posted pics of hamburger buns, hot cross buns, honey buns, sticky buns, etc.”
We realize some of these pics aren’t strictly “man buns” but maybe “pony tails” or whatever. In any case, we’re pretty sure they’re closer to what “ray” had in mind.
On another subject, we’ve been missing “Jingle’s” post analyses. We’re wondering if we need to start a “Gofundme” page to replace his busted old chromebook 🙂
And on yet another subject, the entire Northland gang gathered yesterday at Ty and Damien’s house to watch the Super Bowl in their media room. We had food and drinks and good company but thought the game was about as boring as an athletic contest could possibly be. We watched the first half and the half-time show and, as the second half started, Austin said “Do we really have to watch this?” Damien said “Austin, We have guests. Don’t be rude.” That’s when Keon said “I agree with Austin. There must be something else we can watch?” Austin absolutely beamed and said “Yeah. We could watch ‘Hotel Transylvania!” The kids all cheered. So that’s what we did. It’s a wonderful kids movie – and I know the adults enjoyed it a whole lot more than watching Belicheck’s “deflated balls.”

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Jimmy, happy birthday to you!

Today is our wonderful friend Jimmy’s (aka Wonderboy’s) birthday. He’s one of our dearest friends and a long-time big part of UnrulyDude. He’s one of a very small group of friends who have shared pics of themselves for the pleasure of our friends/viewers. In fact, it was back on May 27, 2013 when we posted his wonderful, very personal pics.
Jimmy… WE LOVE YOU, BABE. We hope your birthday brings good health and happiness beyond your wildest imaginings. xoxo forever.
David, Ben and the Northland gang