Dude. Check out this bunch of multitasking fuckers!

We had a comment from our buddy “Beto” saying:
“Just a little idea for sometime (brought to me by awesome pic #23): a fuck post in which every fucker pleases his partner in an additional way — e.g., jerking him off, sucking him, licking/sucking/biting/pinching his nipples, licking/sniffing his pits, licking/sucking his toes (or fingers), fingering his mouth, licking his cum on his chest/stomach, just kissing… well, I guess the sky is the limit for a “multitasking fucker”. ?
This was tougher than we thought it would be. David and I have both worked on it for quite a while… and we’re a little disappointed that we couldn’t meet all of Beto’s fantasies. I guess it doesn’t matter. There are a bunch of hot dudes here. All of ’em fucking. Most of ’em multitasking. All of them yummy.
Hope this works for you, babe!