Dude. Break out the protein. It’s “bulking season.”

We received an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” saying:
“Given that it’s nearly Winter, and “Bulking Season” is upon us, how about a post of big burly dudes?!?!” He included a pic (photo #1 here).
Since neither Ben nor I had ever heard of “bulking season,” we went to the Urban Dictionary and found this definition:
“Bulking Season: The season in which someone eats lots of food in an attempt to gain weight and thereby increase their muscle mass.”
I was a little concerned about the pic Jingle sent, so I wrote him, saying:
“Don’t want you to think we’re ignoring your suggestion for a “Bulking Season” post. We’re not. Just one thing. I think there’s about a 90% chance the dude’s balls are photoshopped in the pic you sent. You sure we should do a post based around a photoshopped pic? Let us know. K?”
Jingle replied, saying:
“I dunno… Believe me, I’ve studied and studied that pic!! haha. The shadow lines look right… And if someone was gonna photoshop; wouldn’t they have made them more balanced, symmetrical, and perfect??… As it is, those are lumpy, lop-sided, and WONDERFUL! Perhaps I’m letting my lust cloud my judgement, but I think they’re real!!”
Actually, we haven’t done a “muscles” post since 11-06-2013 – and that was in response to a request by our friend “Bill S.” for a post of “dudes working out at the gym. Showin’ how they get those “perfect” bods to look that way.”
So… here’s the post. Hope you guys like these “bulked-up muscular types.”
They’re kind of fun to look at 🙂

Flex for me, bitch!

Our buddy, “BillS” has been asking for a “flex for me” post – and we’ve been working on this for a while. Hope these muscley hunks are what you have in mind, babe!

David and I drove to Springfield yesterday to retrieve the little dude. He had a good time with his grandparents – but was REALLY happy to see us and to get home and see the dogs and his plant. His granny has a friend who raises orchids… so she took Dub over to meet him and look at his plants… and, you guessed it, he brought two orchids home with him. We’re going to Ikea tomorrow to get a plant stand to put them on. We understand Orchids can be very difficult to grow, so we’ll enlist Rick’s help. I’m guessing Dug can do it if anyone can!
On another subject, tomorrow (along with our trash post) I’ll give you a report on Saturday evening’s happenings at “URD headquarters”.