Dude. Check out these butt naked retro pornstaches!

“bw” commented yesterday: “When I first saw porn 45+ years ago, a pornstache was seemingly a requirement – even the blondes, like NO 5 here, had them or tried to have one. It was the pre HIV, pre condom days, with no manscaping and a nice mustache to complete the look.”
That got us thinking about retro gay porn stars and inspired this post. What we wanted to do was find pics of 48 hot classic male porn stars we could identify. We found 35. The remaining 13 pics are of porn stars whose names we don’t know. Maybe bw, Beto, Fred, Jingle, bill s, ray – or some of the rest of you can help us name them?
Here are the retro dudes we’ve identified: 01 Al Parker, 02 Anthony Page, 03 Ben Cody, 04 Billy Lee Barnes, 05 Bob Hager, 06 Brian Diaz, 07 Carl Hardwick, 08 Carlo Masi, 09 Chad Hazard, 010 Chad Douglas, 011 Clyde Wallace, 012 Dick Fisk, 013 Dick Trask, 014 Duke Vitale, 015 Ed Horst, 016 Ed Vantresca, 017 Ed Wiley, 018 Franco Corelli, 019 George Dana, 020 Hank Ditmar, 021 Harry Reems, 022 J.W. King (aka Jim Waldrop), 023 Jimmy Fanz, 024 Jon King, 025 Julian Rush, 026 Ken Marcus, 027 Kevin Boss, 028 Lamartin Ribeiro, 029 Lou Buckley, 030 Gunner Hyde, 031 Max Schling, 032 Nick Chase, 033 Peter Stride, 034 Rick Wolfmier and 035 Steve Kelso.
We’d like to know the names of the last 13 dudes here (036 through 048). Can anyone help? Anyone? Anyone?

Dude. Check out these butt naked mustachioed boys!

Silas and Dante came over for dinner yesterday evening. It was just the five of us and as much as we enjoy getting together with the whole Table rock gang, a small group lets everyone talk and get better acquainted. David grilled lobster tails and I made a penne salad with green beans, tomatoes and fresh dill (from Dub’s indoor herb garden). It was yummy!
Dante is growing a beard now – and Silas a mustache. They said they felt like their faces were naked when we were all together. It’s kind of true. Keon, Cal, Raef, Nathan and I all have full beards… and the rest of the gang all have mustaches. David says we look like a bunch of retro porn stars. Fine with me 🙂

Dude. Time for some vintage “brostaches”!

This is a completely accidental post. It started with Denny’s comment:
“What I would like to see in a vintage post, is guys with massive, untrimmed pubic BUSHES!”
So, we started looking for pubes. Then, we noticed that most of the retro dudes we were looking at had both massive pubes AND mustaches. For some reason, that sent us off on a mustaches tangent. And, along the way, we happened on the term “brostache.”
Here’s a definition of “brostache” from the “Urban Dictionary”:
“Brostache: A mustache used to tickle ones scrotum. Usually one of the true “bros” scrotum. Or used in action, to tickles ones scrotum, thus becoming a true bro. Sometimes one mistakes this as extremely intrusive, but this is usually the start of a true bromance.”
So there you have it. Our trip down memory lane to visit with the hot dudes who had mustaches – and usually… bushy pubes to go with them.
Thanks, Denny. You sent us on a remarkable trip and, oh, what fun it’s been!