Dude. Time for some vintage “brostaches”!

This is a completely accidental post. It started with Denny’s comment:
“What I would like to see in a vintage post, is guys with massive, untrimmed pubic BUSHES!”
So, we started looking for pubes. Then, we noticed that most of the retro dudes we were looking at had both massive pubes AND mustaches. For some reason, that sent us off on a mustaches tangent. And, along the way, we happened on the term “brostache.”
Here’s a definition of “brostache” from the “Urban Dictionary”:
“Brostache: A mustache used to tickle ones scrotum. Usually one of the true “bros” scrotum. Or used in action, to tickles ones scrotum, thus becoming a true bro. Sometimes one mistakes this as extremely intrusive, but this is usually the start of a true bromance.”
So there you have it. Our trip down memory lane to visit with the hot dudes who had mustaches – and usually… bushy pubes to go with them.
Thanks, Denny. You sent us on a remarkable trip and, oh, what fun it’s been!

A missing ‘stache.

This is the pic I told Ben about at breakfast yesterday. It was included in the ‘stache post – but failed to upload. I edited it and now it seems to have uploaded. Ben’s not this bulked up, but he’s getting there. I think he’ll look even more amazing with a new mustache.


Yesterday, during breakfast, I told Ben about a picture I’d seen of a dude with a mustache that was really hot. I said the guy kind of reminded me of him and asked if he’d ever thought about growing a ‘stache. He said he had… and he’d grow one if I would. I told him it wouldn’t be much of a contest considering how hairy he is… but we decided to try it. As you might guess, his is already showing up 🙂