Dude. How’d you like a “fuzzy navel”!

We want to start this post with an apology to our friend, “Ploy” whose birthday was on December 25th. With everything going on here, we didn’t do a post on the 25th… and missed Ploy’s birthday. We’re sorry, babe. Shouldn’t have happened. Hope your birthday was wonderful!

. So, as most of you know, December 25th was a very special day here in the K.C. Northland. It was our first Christmas with Dub… the amazing little dude who has become the joy of our lives. And then… there was the WEDDING! On December 25, 2015, our friends Keon and Rick were married here in our home. It was a wonderful day – one we’ll never forget. Here’s how it happened:
– Thirty-seven people signed the guest registry. That included the minister, Dub and the rest of the members of the wedding party.
– Rick wanted the guys in the wedding party to wear suits and ties. It wasn’t a problem for David and me because he has a closet full of suits, ties, dress shirts and stuff he needs because of his work. We’re close enough in size that I didn’t have a problem finding one that fit. I’d thought we’d need to maybe rent a suit for Dub – but a couple of weeks before the wedding I was talking to our neighbor Pam – and she said her sister had a suit her son had only worn for his Church dedication – and she thought it would fit Dub. Long story short, it fit great, but the pants were a bit too long. Pam hemmed them up and they were perfect. She’s a good friend and a SAINT!
A few days before the wedding, David took Dub shopping and they came home with new black tennies, a white dress shirt, a red necktie and some red suspenders. I saw the suspenders and asked Dub what they were for. He said, “Dad says they’ll keep my pants from falling off.” It totally cracked me up. I don’t know when we’ve all laughed so hard.
– The wedding was at six p.m. Keon and Rick got here about 2:30, and everyone else started arriving between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. The guys all jumped in and brought in folding chairs and set them up in the family room. Caleb and Kerry had picked up the food and they helped us set everything up in the kitchen and dining room.
– The ceremony was short – but beautiful. Keon and Rick had asked David to say a blessing, and he did. Of course, I know my hubby does quite a bit of public speaking – but his blessing totally blew me away. He started it by saying: “The novelist, John Irving wrote ‘We don’t always have a choice how we get to know one another. Sometimes, people fall into our lives cleanly – as if out of the sky, or as if there were a direct flight from Heaven to Earth.’ He talked about love and how two people can form a relationship that becomes so much more than the sum of its’ parts… and ended with a quote from Shakespeare ‘When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.’ I saw my Mom and Sister and a bunch of other people wiping their eyes.
– Dub was the “ring bearer.” A few minutes before the ceremony, Keon gave him the rings. He’d tied them together with red ribbon – and Dub put them in his pants pocket. When the minister asked for the rings, Dub pulled the ribbon out of his pocket and we all kind of panicked because there was only one ring on it. Dub looked at the ribbon – noticed there was only one ring… and shoved his hand back in his pocket and pulled out the other. No problem. Just cool as that.
-All our friends were at the wedding. All four of Dub’s grandparents were there. Rick’s brother was his best man… and his Mother was there. No one mentioned his father, so I don’t know what his absence meant. As expected, no one from Keon’s family came.
-We had a reception following the ceremony with lots of food and drinks. There was a lot of laughing and Holiday cheer and everyone had a wonderful time. Our friend “Matty” is a serious amateur photographer and he must have taken a thousand or more pics. One is sort of my favorite. Toward the end of the reception, I saw David sitting on the top stair that comes up from the lower level. His jacket was off and he looked so cool sitting there holding his drink and smiling. I went over… sat down, and put my arm around him. In about two seconds, Dub was there… sitting between us and grinning. When Matty snapped our picture, we were all in our white shirts and red ties and suspenders… grinning… and just being sappy. Of course, we were happy that Dub’s pants hadn’t fallen off.
We are so blessed. Keon and Rick are our best friends. They’re a beautiful couple. It was a lovely wedding. And a perfect Christmas.