Suits us!

Back on January 30th, “Denny” commented, saying:
“If you are looking for post requests – I could ALWAYS go for FCCO, and, in the same post, sexy guys in suits. Maybe falling out of their suits…maybe getting fucked with their suit pants around their ankles by some trashy dude who just pulled his hard male organ out of the fly of his ripped jeans… DAMN, DENNY!!! You don’t want MUCH, DO ya!!! lololol”
Our last “neckties’ post was on May 25, 2016 – and our only “fcco suits” post was way back on October 4, 2013 – so it’s about time for another. Thanks for a great post request, Denny… and mostly, thank you for being our friend! xoxo

Dressed for suck-cess!

Ben, Dub and I decided to go out for brunch on Sunday – so we went to an “upscale” restaurant out in Lenexa. We all wore Khakis and sports shirts and felt pretty “dressed-up” until we got there and noticed that a whole bunch of the guys had on coats and ties. Of course, we haven’t worn neckties since Keon and Rick’s wedding, and we were “dressed-up” enough… but I have to say that some of the dudes in coats and ties looked really fine. I later told my husband I wanted him to put on a suit and tie… and let his dick stick out so I could suck it. After Dub went to bed Sunday night, that’s what we did. I thought it was just cool as shit – even though we’re gonna have to spend a few bucks on dry cleaning now.
Anyway, I thought a post of dressed-up guys would be fun – and I’m pretty sure our buddy Anthony won’t object.

Suits us.

The deal is… I’ve never owned a suit. Never wanted to. My Mom insisted I had to wear a suit to high school graduation… so she took my brother’s suit and hemmed up the pants some… and I wore it and walked across the stage feeling… umm… just kind of dumb… or whatever. I mean, it was what my Mom wanted… and I’m good with that because she’s my Mom… but I’m just a jeans and sneakers kind of guy… and I don’t wear socks with my sneaks.
And I don’t mean to be a bad sport… but I just wanta get this cast off my arm… and I don’t care if it stinks. I don’t care… and I know David doesn’t either.

Our attorney called this afternoon after I got home from school. He said the lawyer for the girl’s insurance company called him with an offer. He said it was ridiculous… but he couldn’t refuse it without my “informed consent.”
I asked him what I should do.
He said, “If I were you, I’d say something like ‘take your stupid offer and stick it up your ass.'” So I told him to just say “It’s not complicated. We’ll see you in court.”
He said that was a good response, and he’d relay it to the girl’s attorney.