Dude. WHY?

Apparently there were problems with the blog last Friday. None of us encountered them because we were otherwise involved – and we haven’t heard anything about it from our site administrator. It’s another reminder that anything can happen with on-line sites so please save our e-mail, just in case. It’s:
Speaking of last Friday… Earlier in the week Denise called and asked if we’d like a “boys night” on Friday. She said she and Scott had reserved the Koala cove clubhouse and would love to have the kids (and dogs) over for a cookout, games and sleep over. I knew the kids would love that, so I texted the guys and and asked if they were interested in a “boys night.” The responses were “yes,” “hell yes,” and “fuck yes,” so it was decided.
After school, we packed up the kids, dogs, phones, i-pads, air mattresses, sleeping bags and tons of other important stuff and took them to Koala cove. By nine o’clock, there were 12 of us gathered at our house eating a light dinner, drinking margaritas and smoking some “killer pot” compliments of Jim. It was a warm evening so getting naked and hopping into the hot tub seemed like the perfect thing to do. And that’s exactly what we did. We have a big hot tub but it’s pretty crowded with 12 naked dudes in it. No one seemed to mind. Dante and Silas are planning an even bigger hot tub at their “rainbow aerie,” but honestly, there are advantages to being crammed together 🙂
Here’s something you might like to know. Not one of the 12 guys in our group has a single body hair trimmed or shaved. Yup. Hairy arms, legs, feet, pits, pubes and ass cracks on all. We figure if that’s the way God created us that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

WHOA, dude. Big, bloated, beautiful boy-bones!

We’re still a week away from the Super Bowl but the excitement is definitely building. Dub asked Ben and me if we could host a “Red Friday Rally” here at our house next Friday afternoon after school – and we told him it’d be o.k. It’ll be in our garage and we spent a bunch of time this weekend clearing out stuff and getting ready. We told Dub to keep it to a small group – but Ben says the word has been spreading at school, so who knows how many will show up?? I asked Dub if he thought the Chiefs would win the game and he said “They should… but it depends on if they do the right stuff next week.” I said “What’s the right stuff?” He thought about it and said “I don’t know – I’m not a football player. But the Chiefs know what it is and they have to do it if they’re gonna win.” So, there you have it. We sure hope they do “the right stuff.” 🙂

W H O A !

Ben put this post together last night and asked me if I’d finish and post it after I took Dub to the Doctor this morning. I said I’d be happy to do that.
However, apparently he hit “publish” instead of “save draft,” and it ended up on-line without the Dub update.
Anyway, I took Dub for a final check on his appendectomy this morning. They removed his “drain” and everything is looking great. The Doctor just told him to “keep the area clean and covered with a bandage for the next seven days.” Also no heavy lifting or straining the next “three weeks.” He’s feeling well and was really happy to get the drain removed. Said he thought it was “yucky.”
We’re so grateful for the excellent medical care he’s received – and the amazing support from our friends and family. And, as “bw” pointed out, an appendectomy for Dub is something we’ll never have to worry about again 🙂