“A real good dog.”

In the short time “Buzz” has been with us, he’s become a big part of our family. It’s like from the minute he got here, he knew he was “home.” He’s Dub’s dog for sure… and they have a special bond that’s hard to describe. Dub sits cross-legged on the floor and whispers to him and he’s learned “sit” and “down” and “roll over” and “fetch” and “give,” and all without Dub ever saying a word to him. They do it strictly with hand signals. David says Buzz has been spending his days in his office. Says he lays over in the corner and acts like he doesn’t even know David is there. The last few days, David has been taking him with him on his lunch time runs. He goes 2-3 miles on the hike and bike trail every day “to get his heart rate up,” and says Buzz keeps up and stays right beside him.
Of course, Miss Bebe has been another matter. When we first brought Buzz home, she wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with him and tried to act like he wasn’t even here. But he’s irrepressible. He kept invading her space and nipping at her feet and ears and sticking his butt in her face… and she’d growl and he’d run away… but then come back with a ball that he’d toss at her. Finally, she gave up and grabbed the ball and the chase was on. They tear around the house playing and yipping and barking… and, I swear, Bebe acts like she’s a 10 month old puppy herself.
This evening after we’d had dinner and the dogs were in their crates and the house was finally quiet, I said “It sure is a lot noisier around here since Buzz showed up.”
Dub just grinned and said, “He’s a real good dog.”
David and I couldn’t agree more!

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Ray. Happy birthday to you!

Today is one of the best days of the year. It’s our friend “ray’s” birthday and we’re taking this opportunity to send our warmest wishes to one of our dearest friends.
UnrulyDude is fortunate to have many on-line friends – none better than ray. He’s one of the kindest, most caring people we know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAY. We love you and wish you good health, happiness and great joy… today and throughout the coming years!

We had a bit of a quandary deciding on the “right” pics for ray’s birthday post. Somehow, we thought a wide variety of dudes would be nice… especially if at least some of them were of the hirsute variety 😉

well, dude… since you were wondering…

The last time we did one of these posts was January 15, 2017. Back then, our buddy “Jingle” had commented, saying he thought maybe it was time for another “Naked or Not” post. Well… it’s been about 19 months, so it’s time again… for sure. Probably all guys – gay or straight – notice other dudes’ crotches and wonder. We know we do 🙂