Don’t need no stinkin’ glasses?

David and I have been noticing that Dub hasn’t been wearing his glasses much lately. When we read together at night, he doesn’t wear them – and, just about the only time he wears them is when we remind him – or when he’s headed to day-care. So, we scheduled a visit with our pediatric ophthalmologist last Wednesday. After a thorough examination, the Dr. said that Dub’s eyes had “corrected” and now his vision, without glasses, is 20/20. He said that sometimes happens. Said the corrective lenses had apparently strengthened his eyes and there’s no need for glasses now. David and I were happy to hear the good news. The Doctor said, “So, Mr. Dub. You don’t need glasses now. I have an idea. Maybe you’d like to donate your glasses so they can help a child somewhere who needs glasses.” Dub thought about it for a minute and said, “Can’t do that. Have to have my glasses.” The Doctor said, “But, you don’t need glasses. Your eyesight is fine. I think you should think about donating them.” Dub looked at David and me – and said, “I have to wear my glasses because Austin has to have glasses. I’m gonna keep wearin’ ’em.” So, after some discussion, we caught on that Dub only wears his glasses when he’s around Austin – and only then because he doesn’t want Austin to think he’s “weird.” Long story short, we had Dub’s glasses changed to “clear” lenses – so he can wear them and Austin won’t feel “weird.” Not for the first time, David and I are at a loss for words. We’ve never been more proud of our son!

Guys make passes at boys who wear glasses!

On Friday, we had an e-mail from our new friend “Benny M,” saying, “Wow, guys. Thank you for the wonderful “gamers” post you did for us. It’s awesome, and even better than we thought it could be. We have another request, if you wouldn’t mind. My boyfriend and I both wear glasses and think they’re hot, so we thought maybe you might do a post of young guys who wear glasses. And, if possible, could you include a few Asian boys, because my b.f. is Asian and I know he’d like that. Thanks again. We love UnrulyDude!”
No problem, Benny. We always keep folders of “Asian dudes” and “Guys with Glasses” so we picked some of them for this post. Hope these do it for you.

Just nothin’ better than curling up with a good book!

We received an e-mail a while back from our friend, “Brad,” who made this suggestion:
“I know you get many requests from your followers and can’t possibly honor all of them. You were kind enough to take a suggestion of mine, and I thank you for that post! I have a second, somewhat unusual, request — “Men and Books.” I am attaching a few photos that fit this theme. All of these photos were taken from other blogs. Thanks again for your excellent work on “Unruly! Brad”
David and I both loved the idea and – with a lot of help from Brad (he supplied about 1/3 of these pics) – here are some bookish boys we think it’d be fun to curl up with! Thanks for a great idea and all the pics you sent, Brad. Couldn’t have done this one without you!