Finding Nicko – 2

Well, guys… This was pretty hard, we know. The correct pics of Nicko are:
Tue. 6-17 #01 Trash
Wed. 6-18 #10 Pubes
Thu. 6-19 #17 Boxers
Fri. 6-20 #31 Chores
Sat. 6-21 #35 Unruly
Sun. 6-22 #08 Holes n soles
Mon. 6-23 #17 Beards
Tue. 6-24 #10 Trash
“Bill S” got 5 out of 8, and “Jingle” got 4 out of 8. So we guess we’ll have to send both you guys an UnrulyDude tee shirt. We’re attaching the photos – and hope Nicko will be sending us more some day soon.

Finding Nicko

A while back, on an Unrulyboi Saturday, we posted a pic of a dude’s ass. We had no idea who it was – just a pic we found somewhere on line. Then, this dude “Nicko” commented that it was a pic of him and he e-mailed us 8 more pics. Here’s what he said in the e-mail: “I would say.. I prefer you add my photos.. mixed with others.. on the corresponding themes. After.. a few posts or after u have added all my pics…. we can make a kind of ”game” question – like.. can u spot the same guy in the last 8 posts? ..if u do.. so.. he is willing to make a post of his own! hehehe… so that u make it more interesting.”
So, we’ve included a pic of Nicko in each post for the past 8 days (including today). If you guys can identify him in the last 8 posts, he says he’ll do a full post for us. Come on, guys… you can do it. He’s a hot, trashy, exhibitionist dude and we’d love to do a full post of him.